Aquarius New Moon January 27th, 2017

Aquarius the Water Bearer

What is the New Moon?

This is the week of the Aquarius new moon or as we astrologers often call it “Moon conjunct Sun.” The New Moon is when the moon is completely invisible in the sky. It’s not even a thumbnail. This represents an energetic blank slate. As the moon waxes its way into a big ball of cheese, the intentions you set reach maturity. The time between the new and full moon represents growth and building.

Aquarius New Moon and the Lunar Eclipse

The January 27th new moon in Aquarius is especially potent. When the moon in Aquarius is full on August 7th later this year, it will be a lunar eclipse. These are major dates which set precedents that last months to years. Collectively, a new moon in Aquarius deals with issues of social justice, diversity, and technology.

The attitudes that our culture takes towards these issues will reach a boiling point on the lunar eclipse. We all have a role by the attitudes we choose on January 27th in how these issues will manifest. This is because Aquarius is about the group. If people in power do not respect social justice and diversity, it will cause a rebellion from those who feel oppressed on that day. However, if we respect peoples differences, and defend their right to be unique, the lunar eclipse may instead bless us with technological innovation that makes us stronger.

Also on the 27th, Mercury leaves its shadow completing the lessons of  the recent Mercury retrograde. Reflect on what you have learned since December 1st and apply that to the goals you set. Earlier in the day, Venus conjuncts Chiron and squares Saturn. This means that the beliefs of those in power may challenge the people’s interactions and trigger deep wounds. Venus will enter its shadow in three days and will revisit this theme until June. Be kind and choose to be compassionate in your dealings with yourself and each other on this day.

Advice for the Signs:

These new moon precedents affect groups as a whole, but also affects individual charts. Scroll down to your sun, ascendant, or moon sign to see what the new moon means for you.


This new moon is the time to set friendship goals. It is a great time to join a group of people with common interests or find a common cause you share with others. Look at the way you refined your public and professional image during the most recent Mercury retrograde and allow the person you want to be to contribute your unique abilities to a larger goal.


The Aquarius new moon is asking you to set career goals and create a public persona. Mercury retrograde may have had you completing courses that certified you for a better paying job, or gave you a philosophical epiphany that you can use to be a better leader out in the world. Decide where you would like to see yourself in the world and create action steps to get there by August. The stars will be on your side.


This new moon asks you to broaden your perspective between now and August. Maybe you have been wanting to go back to school or travel to a foreign country. Mercury may have brought someone or some program into your life that will help you pay for this on or after December 1st. Even if none of these options are available to you individually, take this day to wander a book store with a friend and you may find a book that expands your mind and will have an impact for months to come.


For those of you that are partnered, this is a great time to explore intimacy with your partner. Perhaps through sex or sharing deep personal secrets. If you are married, it is also a good time to work on your taxes and work as a couple to help increase your partner’s income. Even if you are single, Mercury may have helped you with relationship insights since December that allow you to understand your own needs from a partner. It is a good time to develop psychic abilities and look at the things you are private about. Why do you feel the need to keep the secrets you do? What does that say about you? Ideas over the next few months can bless you with a tremendous amount of psychological wealth.


This is a great time to set relationship goals to manifest in August. Especially if you are single. While the 27th is unlikely to bring a new lover in your life, and may in fact do the opposite, you can use these few months to decide what want in a partner and relationship. Mercury has been teaching you since December about the importance of self-care and applying this to yourself over the next month will benefit the most important relationship you can have––the one with yourself. By being true to yourself, you can attract partners that appreciate your true self. If you are coupled, intentions will look more like boundaries. You will learn to communicate what you need to feel both respected and loved by your partner.


The Aquarius new moon will bless the house you naturally rule. This is a great time to create routines that make your life run more efficiently and look for work that is personally fulfilling. Mercury may have inspired you creatively since December by giving you a glimpse of what is fun and stimulating to you––even if it showed many of you these things by giving you the opposite. Use these insights as you plan the sort of outcomes you want to see from these routines. Another person may have disrupted your living situation or hurt you in some way. Your new intentions will be easy to attain, but by the eclipse you will be a much stronger and more efficient person.


This can be a great time to set creative goals. You may find a new way to express your Libra creativity that you can develop over the next year. This is a good time to remind yourself what gives you a sense of fun and passion. Look to the wisdom of children for inspiration. Mercury has been redefining what gives you a sense of home and safety since December. Your job is to portray home and safety with the elegance that comes naturally to you then put it out into a world that really needs more nurturing.


The Aquarius new moon is asking you to set goals related to either where you live or where you want to be emotionally. As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, it is important to consider what kind of environment recharges you at the end of a day. The most outgoing Scorpio is still an introvert that needs a peaceful home to collect themselves and process the intense emotions and psychic experiences that come at them each day. This is the perfect day to plan out how you would like to redecorate your home or move to house where you can feel more settled. Mercury has put your mind––unusually for a Scorpio––on the more practical matters of life. These lessons will make materializing these desires attainable.


The moon is perfect to set intentions for the intellect! But before you get too excited, the kind of intellectual development you need to develop is much more practical. While you are naturally insightful in your intellect, these next few months will be asking you to apply these higher principles to more down to earth matters. Since December, Mercury has had you re-evaluating your values and challenging your finances. This is a great time to research ways to build your credit or pay off student loans. Your reward is more time and resources for adventure.


Aquarius is a powerful sign for any Capricorn as it rules your wealth, assets, and talents. Set intentions for the kind of money you would like to earn from your talents and holdings. Since December, Mercury challenged you to go within and change the way you look at yourself. With a more conscious sense of identity, you have the opportunity to use your own strengths and weaknesses consciously to earn whatever you desire.


The new moon is in your home sign! More than any other sign of the zodiac, this day is about you. Mercury has been showing you the perspectives and motives of others and taking you on a somewhat confusing introspective journey. Now you have the opportunity to reinvent parts of your personality as informed by dreams and revelations of the last two months. Set intentions that reflect the kind of growth you want to have as an individual.


The Aquarius new moon deals with an area of life that comes naturally to you––the subconscious mind. This is a time to set spiritual intentions about how you want to connect to the unseen world. Having a healthy relationship with the unseen is particularly important for Pisceans. Since December, Mercury has had you restructuring your social circle and the energy you put into groups. As the natural empaths of the zodiac, you have learned that others affect you and so choosing who you are around equates to choosing how you will feel. This is a time to be receptive to dreams and practice things like qigong or yoga to bring the strength of the heavens into your own personality.

Stay tuned for a special on Venus retrograde as well as February’s Month Ahead.

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  1. Marcus

    January 29, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Absolutely love the trajectory of your life in regard to the paranormal, and especially the divining arts, like astrology. I use astrology in doing investigations as I “feel” sun signs interacting with my personal energy, and can, from that, extrapolate the sign of any presence. And love your column!

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