February 2017 Astrological Forecast

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February is an energetically distinct month. Mercury the collective mind enters brainy Aquarius and Venus the collective heart enters steamy Aries. This makes the beginning of the month more social and stimulating than the heaviness we felt in January.  Don’t sigh for relief though! The end of February is one of, if not the most intense and difficult times of the whole year.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day finds Venus and Mars together in the sexual sign of Aries the moon is in the romantic Libra which rules partners. While Saturn is working favorably that day, he asks you to plan your dates thoroughly and in advance. Make sure to read Yelp reviews and double check your reservations and you will be rewarded. If you put the right amount of thought in, the tension between the Moon in Libra and Mars in Aries will be the best kind of tension––sultry and sexual. If you do not prepare the same tension could turn into an argument.

Conflict and Spiritual Growth

On the 22nd, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. These are usually explosive events. Literally. We often find volcanic eruptions and bombs detonated when this aspect appears. Hopefully the explosions are metaphorical this time around. These powerhouse planets will struggle for dominance and this struggle will manifest in the world as a struggle between the rights of individuals versus the power and control of governments, education systems, and economic structures.

This conflict is part of the larger picture but this aspect will manifest action in to the physical reality. Remarkably, the next day Neptune enters its shadow preparing us to revisit a spiritual lesson for the next 13 months in light of this event. I recommend keeping a dream journal and logging every spiritual thought and paranormal experience you have if you do not already.

Also already in a complicated dance with Saturn and Uranus this year, Jupiter begins to travel retrograde on February 6th. The next four months ask humanity “How much of our own wealth are we willing to share with others?” That wealth could be our money. It could be allowing others to be free to be themselves. Maybe our wealth is safety for refugees who have had their own safety compromised? We answer these questions together. It is wise to answer these with compassionate and healthy boundaries.

Eclipse Season

Most importantly, February is eclipse season. Just last month, I wrote about using the Aquarius New Moon to set intentions for the eclipses in August. This month we have our own pair of eclipses with very different flavors. In the simplest sense, a lunar eclipse is a potent full moon and a solar eclipse is a potent new moon.

The Lunar Eclipse is on the 10th in the sign of Leo. The same day Mercury sextiles Venus. Thus we have a perfect meeting of the mind and the heart. Jupiter smiles on the eclipse allowing for a powerful opportunity for personal growth. It occurs on a Friday night too! This is the perfect night to dress up, style your hair perfectly and really let your personality come out. Share your passionate ideas with people or create a piece of art. The lesson is ready to come to you and will continue to help you grow throughout the year.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

NASA shot of Solar Eclipse, March 8, 2016

The eclipse on February 26th may be the most intense day of the year. Not only does the effect of the Mars-Pluto power struggle linger, but Mars joins Uranus in opposing Jupiter and trining Saturn. The red planet adds heat to an ongoing restructuring of the balance of power between those already in power, individuals, and the group. Furthermore, the asteroid Eris who deals with rebellion and troublemaking joins the aggressive planets in Aries. We have not seen Eris so active in charts since 1968 which was the most tumultuous year since WWII.

The sun, moon, and the collective mind Mercury all visit Neptune in his house of mirrors throughout the eclipse. Neptune in Pisces can dissolve our boundaries and ability to think clearly. So when you add delusion and confusion to violent rebellious tendencies, you have a recipe for disaster. Lastly, because it is an eclipse, the consequences of this disaster are long lasting.

Before panicking, take a deep breath. That is a lot to take in. Just because we are challenged does not mean that we cannot grow. Many times, old ways of thinking or even old systems have to collapse to be able to build new things. The stars will be affecting us all with more tension than the average month. Don’t let things get out of hand. The best thing each of us can do is to practice patience. Practice meditation. Do what you can in the beginning of the month to cultivate healthy attitudes. This is the month that challenges our virtues. Let the virtues win.

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