Paranormal Encounters of the Rich and the Famous

Written by Sarah-May Smith-Reed

Whether we like it or not, celebrities are an integral part of our culture. The singer/songwriters and their newest BFF or latest mistake that lead to occasionally jaw-dropping scandals that we’ll never personally experience; the real housewives of that place we’ll never visit allow us to leave our own first-world-problems behind as we substitute them for that of the diamond-enriched non-issues and childish rants that we love to hate so much; and the mere possibility of a tragic accident or celebrity suicide riles up the social media generation to such an extent that we begin to believe that their lives actually affect our own.

I find myself guilty of zoning in on click-bait news articles on the newest ‘celebrity’ fad or diet, the latest Twitter-feud or Instagram scandal, but I find myself forgetting that celebrities are people too and after a quick search, I found the really juicy-bits…. The paranormal encounters of the rich and the famous.

Superstar David Bowie believed Witches were stealing his semen to create a sacrificial child.

Bowie’s music affected (and still continues to affect) generations of people worldwide. The seemingly-spiritual undertones of his lyrics teamed with his pale thin androgyny inspired an entire world’s-worth of misunderstood individuals. Knowing he held a bizarre belief system doesn’t seem surprising in the slightest.

Bowie found himself overwhelmed with the concept that Witches were stealing his semen in order to birth a child to sacrifice to Satan, as well as suspecting musicians of working for the FBI or even more unusual, that they were in fact Vampires. He surrounded himself with Egyptian Artifacts and candles as protection as well as drawing pentagrams on every surface he could whilst being convinced that bodies were floating past his windows.

Now, we know that David Bowie had a long-standing cocaine habit, and of course, that won’t go unmentioned here. It’s perfectly plausible to assume that this drug habit indeed triggered psychosis and paranoid delusions, but what if there really were people floating past his window? And what if the plot for “Rosemary’s Baby was in fact becoming a reality in his own life?

Actress Fran Drescher believes she was abducted by aliens as a teenager.

The actress and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson share a similar encounters from their teenage years (before they met) involving an alien abduction that left them both with scars in the same place on their hands that she believes is “where the chip is.”

Lady Gaga conducted a séance in order to help a stalking spirit move-on.

He’s her biggest fan, he’ll follow her until she loves him….Lady Gaga claimed the spirit of a man named Ryan joined her on her Monster Ball Tour, and wouldn’t leave her alone. Anyone who follows Conspiracy Theorists will be aware of the connection between Lady Gaga and the occult, and/or the Illuminati. If there is indeed any truth to these elaborate theories, could a ritualistic life-style attracted a less-than-pleasant spirit? The odd-ball pop-star sensation is known to see herself as spiritual, but this spirit became too much for her and she held a séance in Ireland during the tour to rid herself of the ‘bad omen’ that she saw Ryan as.

Anna Nicole Smith, Kesha, and Lucy Liu all boast sleeping with ghostly entities or Angels.

You read that correctly, and all three claim to have enjoyed it! Anna Nicole Smith claimed a ghost would climb up her leg and make love to her, but instead of feeling violated, she actually stated for the record ‘He’s never hurt me, and he just gave me amazing sex so I have no problem’. Lucy Liu, interestingly enough, claimed she’d had sex with an angel (whilst promoting Charlie’s Angels of course) and chimed ‘it was sheer bliss. I felt everything. I climaxed. And then he floated away.” Kesha’s encounter started as something darker which she claims then progressed into a sexual relationship, saying she ‘went to the bone-zone with a ghost’. Could these have been encounters with an incubus? Or were they merely attempts to become relevant in a society fascinated by their lives?

Ariana Grande snapped photographs of demons.

Whilst visiting Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, she began feeling unwell, and picked up the scent of sulphur as well as there being flies in the car she was in, (she states categorically that this must have meant there was a Demon present), so after apologising for ‘disrupting’ the peace of the demon, she snapped a photograph of the cemetery and discovered three distinct demonic faces in it. Don’t ask her to show you, however, as she quickly deleted the picture after attempting to send it to her manager and failing because the image was too large… How large was it? 666 megabytes.

Whilst we devour the lives of the rich and the famous, and search for our own validation in this society obsessed with idolisation, we must remind ourselves that some celebrities have experienced the same encounters we ourselves receive abuse for admitting, and they’re admitting it on a world-wide scale. As long as people are talking about their experiences openly, I’m all for it. I say, bring on the celebrity paranormal encounters and their related ‘ghost stories’, and give me a real reason to continue reading about their lives!

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