6 Paranormal Podcasts

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Our list of 6 Paranormal Podcasts that should be on your radar:

You’ve seen every movie you own a thousand times.  You have read every book that interests you that you could get your hands on.  It’s Friday night, and let’s face it, you’ve got nothing to do.

So, what do you do?  Where do you go for the type of entertainment you crave?

For many today, the next step is finding one or two podcasts that really delve deep into the subjects we love.  Podcasts are great.  Hosts cover every subject know to man and often bring on experts in their fields to really entertain their audiences.

If you’re on this site, I’m assuming you’re a believer in things paranormal, or at the very least, they interest you.  If I’m right, and you find yourself looking for something new to listen to, check out these six amazing podcasts.  Trust me, you’re going to thank me for it later

The Paracast

The Paracast, hosted by Christopher O’Brein and Gene Steinberg, proudly proclaims itself the “Gold Standard of Paranormal Podcasts” with weekly shows covering everything from cattle mutilations to haunted houses.  Their weekly shows push the envelope of belief and listeners eat it up.

You can hear The Paracast on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In and theparacast.com.

The Paranormal Podcast

Hosted by Jim Harold, The Paranormal Podcast generally updates weekly. Presenting interviews with various authors and researchers, the podcast delves deep into the realities of researching the paranormal, focusing on the experiences of these experts.

The Paranormal Podcast offers free access  within 90 days from airtime, with an option to access older podcasts with a Paranormal Plus membership, which is available for $7.95/month.

The Paranormal Podcast can be heard on iTunes, JimHarold.com, and Tune-In.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Unlike The Paranormal Podcast, Campfire is a caller driven show, offering up supernatural tales told by fans, many of whom lived the stories themselves. The shows are pre-recorded and cover a multitude of subjects from ghosts to UFOs to haunted houses.

Campfire offers the same access to older podcasts as The Paranormal Podcast with access to older shows via membership.

Campfire podcasts can be heard via Tune-In, iTunes and JimHarold.com.

Steve Warner’s Dark City

Steve Warner’s Dark City is a podcast covering all things unexplained, Warner, an intense interviewer, is known for his unusual and interesting guests, not the least of which was Zoltan Istvlan, a candidate in the Transhumanist Party for President.

You can find Steve Warner’s Dark City on Soundcloud and iTunes, and on darkcity.fm.

Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost has been in the business of collecting and presenting true ghost stories since 2006, and is 100 percent driven by listener participation.

Some calls are played from recordings, but most are told by host Lex Wahl, reading from emails he receives from listeners eager to share their ghostly encounters. Wahl’s soft, soothing voice draws the listener into these tales, many of which chill the listener to the bone.

The Anything Ghost podcast is available for streaming via PlayerFMStitcheriTunesTune-In and Libsyn.com.

Welcome to Night Vale

Unlike the others on this list, Welcome to Night Vale is made for fans of the paranormal who prefer the subject to remain firmly in the realm of fiction. Consisting of conspiracy theories that plague the fictional Southwestern town of Night Vale and presented with full sound effects like an old school radio show with a new school twist, these podcasts are highly entertaining and hauntingly effective.

Welcome to Night Vale is updated twice monthly and can he found on PodbayiTunes, Soundcloud,Stitcher and Libsyn.

The show is preparing for its newest season with promises of a special treat for their 100th episode.  Check them out today!

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