5 Haunted Bodies of Water That Will Make You Reconsider Swimming

Death and water.  It seems the two have always been linked.  From the viking funerals of old to the practice of baptism whereby one “dies” and is “reborn” a new, the symbolism is a part of cultures the world over.  Is it any wonder, then, that so many bodies of water are reportedly haunted or that spirits should be attracted to these pools of endless energy?

Take a look below at some of the most haunted bodies of water in the world.

#1 Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA

Let’s face it, swamps are creepy to begin with, but Manchac Swamp in Louisiana might just have a few things going for it that others do not.  It is the home, for instance, of the infamous Cajun rougarou, a werewolf-like creature that makes its home among the swamp’s waters.  And then there’s Julia Brown (or Julia White, depending on who is telling the story), the voodoo queen who once told a crowd of people, “When I die, I’m taking all of you with me.”  Many scoffed but on the day of her funeral the great hurricane of 1915 struck and hundreds died in its wake.  Julia is said to haunt the swamp and more than one visitor has reported hearing her screaming or singing in the night.

#2 Bride’s Pool, Hong Kong

Citizens of Hong Kong keep their children far away from the otherwise rather beautiful Bride’s Pool where, it is said, raiding pirates once murdered an entire village and threw their bodies into the water.  It is said that shui gui, water spirits, now dance atop those waters at night and lie in wait during the day waiting for the chance to possess the body of any child who might fall into its waters.

#3 Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA

A river runs through the campgrounds in Cottonwood Canyon in Midvale, Utah.  It is prone to swelling and has taken the lives of many a swimmer/camper over the years.  It is said that if you wish to see the spirits of those taken by the river, all you need to do is stand on the banks in the month of May, close your eyes, and count to three.  When you open your eyes, the dead will be there staring at you from behind the trees…waiting for you to join them.

#4 Devil’s Pool, Babinda, Queensland, Australia

According to Aboriginal lore, a young woman named Oolana jumped to her death in the waters of Devil’s Pool when she was torn from her lover.  To this day, visitor’s have reported seeing a mysterious young woman in the pond, and while most write off what they’ve seen, it’s hard to discount the number of handsome young men who have drowned in the Devil’s Pool.

#5 White Rock Lake, Texas, USA

White Rock Lake is less than an hour from where I live and the number of stories I’ve heard about the Lady in White of White Rock Lake are astounding.  Like a most famous urban legend, it’s said that if you spot the Lady in White late at night, she’ll ask for a ride, only to disappear when you arrive at the address she gives you.  It takes a lot to shake a Texan, but I’ll tell you, I’ve seen grown men shake as they tell of their own experiences.


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