Astrological Update – January 2017 Forecast

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We survived 2016 and the worst of the Saturn-Neptune square is over! We all deserve a pin for making it this far. 2017 may be starting with Mercury retrograde, but within a few weeks, we will all feel a year with significantly more levity than the previous one. Here’s January 2017’s Astrological Forecast:

New Years Resolutions

Many of the less cynical among you may have started out 2017 with New Year’s resolutions. Well the cynics win this round. As the year starts off with a Mercury retrograde, it is a time where plans made are unlikely to reach fruition. While Mercury is retrograde, beware of signing contracts, making plans, and going over the speed limit as this is the most likely time to get a ticket. Also technological glitches are common, so if you have something you really need to communicate, send it twice. Since Mercury rules thieves, pickpockets and scam artists can expect a profitable month.

Mercury goes direct on the 8th, so from that point on it will be business as usual. However, the 7th holds one last challenge before going direct. As the Sun conjuncts Pluto, look for public scandals coming to light this day.

January provides a better chance for New Years Resolutions though a few weeks late with the new moon in Aquarius on the 27th coinciding with the final lifting of the Mercury retrograde fog. This new moon is for setting friendship goals, joining a new club or organization, and brainstorming new hopes and dreams that you would like to see manifest. This is one of the most potent new moons this year because during the eclipse on August 8th, the results of these intentions will make their presence known in an apparent way. Have you had an idea for an invention? This is the perfect day to begin work on any kind of technological innovation.

5th Dimension. Dig these outfits!

This is the Dawning of the Sign of Aquarius

On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius. The world will shift its focus towards the group consciousness. People may be even more addicted to their phones and may decide to use their holiday gift cards to get the newest technological gadget. It is a great time of year to get together with people who share your interests, volunteer to help those in need, and appreciate your tribe. People reading this are encouraged to leave comments, because you just may find a new friend as interested in the paranormal as you.

Cancer Full Moon

The full moon this month is on the 12th in the sign of Cancer. It will shed light on the feelings you have related to the women in your life and your emotional needs. It is a great time to clean up the house and light the hearth, and cook a homemade meal from scratch. If there was ever a full moon to have a hot night in, this is the perfect night. Let the heat of love warm you from the chilly winter winds.

Keep your eyes open for a guide to using the Aquarius new moon for your sign and February’s month ahead! For live astrological updates to the minute follow @liveaspects on Twitter.

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  1. Vance Seaton

    January 3, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    I loved reading this, please share all future with me.
    Excellent job Pete.

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