Alien Behavior and the Extraterrestrial Agenda

Written by Kelly Wilson

Recently a link came across one of my social media feeds. It lead me to a video that described 27 different Alien races that are currently here on Earth. It was not to long ago that there was, supposedly, a mass U.F.O. sighting across Turkey, it trended under the hashtag #ufoattackturkey.

I began to wonder why Aliens showed such high intellect behavior in so many ways but also did some very strange, base things to be so advanced. How do these two “personalities” fit into the same Extraterrestrial agenda?

There is so much information, and mis-information, about Aliens, Extraterrestrials, U.F.O.s, Inter-Dimensional beings, or whatever term you want to use, that a person has to basically decide what they want to believe and then just stick to their beliefs.

Personally I don’t particularly care about Aliens and U.F.O.s, as far as if they are really here or not, although I have seen two very strange things in the sky during both the day and night so I can’t say that there isn’t something up there. I am far more curious about why they would be here and the logic behind many of their action.

A search on any platform or site and you will be bombarded by any and every thing you can imagine, from the rational and common sense to the way out in left field type of stuff. I came across a link that profiled closer to 90 extraterrestrial races that are on Earth, what draws all of these beings here?

What is so fascinating about our little planet?

It’s been said that Aliens took a deeper interest of us when the first Atomic bomb was detonated and we as a planet crossed a threshold. Ancient artifacts seem to show that we had been visited long before the nuclear age began. Cave drawings around the world, Medieval paintings, Written descriptions, Temple carvings, Religious manuscripts and so many other pieces of evidence all point to Aliens being here for a very, very long time.

There are those that believe that Extraterrestrials even created humans by altering and manipulating DNA of animals, maybe even splicing in some of the Aliens own DNA, why would they go to such trouble?

Mr. Von Daniken is probably the most famous for asking these questions and although he began his book series 50 years ago these questions they still remain confusingly un-answered. It’s easy to see why the Ancient people would look at Aliens as Gods, a primitive human would be astounded by a being that flew through the sky in a metal ship and would not hesitate to bow before such a being. I don’t argue there aren’t cultural references to Aliens and U.F.O.s but with all these in plain public view none of them give a good explanation for why they are here.

The “Highly Advanced” Alien has done things that humans have no way to explain and, on some levels, can’t begin to comprehend. They have shut down military instillations remotely and have also activated military instillations, once almost causing a Nuclear war. They’ve shot down rockets in mid flight and also disappeared (cloaked maybe) when being chased by war jets. They have been observed going into and out of active volcanoes and surfacing/diving into deep water of our oceans. They are capable of things humans haven’t dreamed of yet.

These same “Highly Advanced” Aliens also do things that aren’t so “Advanced”, at least not to the general observer. Cattle mutilations, the occasional Human mutilation, Abductions,medical experiments and the removal of sex cells, being knocked out of the sky by lightning or other factors and other situations that don’t seem to fit with what an advanced civilization would be caught in.


Image Credit – Educating

What is it about us that makes them want to create a hybrid race with us? Are we really such an apex being with such desirable characteristics?

It’s been claimed that the reason they come here is because of our natural resources. They need our gold or water or whatnot because the resources on their planet has been exhausted or polluted. If that’s true how did it get to that level of pollution and why was it allowed to be harvested to such an extent.

What makes humans so interesting or valuable?

Some Ancient texts suggest there has been a war going on between “Good” Aliens who want to protect us and “Bad” Aliens who want to dominate us for 1000’s of years. There has been picture and video taken with Night Vision technology that supposedly shows battles between these two factions.

What is it about us that would make races of super intelligent highly advanced beings go to war and be willing to give their lives for us.

I have discussed these ideas with friends and some interesting ideas came up;

What if Earth is just some type of science experiment, a giant ant colony or a form of terrarium where humans are a slow cultivation of an animal life form. Are we are being selectively bred with other Alien races to produce a specific result or characteristic, maybe even to populate other “Earths” or worlds (much like some claim happened on this Earth).

What if humans and the hybrids are being bred to be slaves on other worlds. These “little grey men” come to Earth in metal U.F.O.s with lights and all types of bells and whistles, who builds them. Personally I have a hard time seeing a factory with these little beings wearing hard hats, working in hot sweaty conditions, doing intricate work with wiring and other delicate details, complaining about the work and pay, then going to have a beer after a long shift with an over bearing boss.

So who builds the ships and equipment they use? What if it’s human/hybrid slaves? That would make more sense to me than the Aliens doing it themselves.

It goes without saying that there is no definitive answer to these questions and i’m not trying to present one. I would rather hear other (respectful) comments and opinions to see what other people think.



  1. Tony Mayoral

    July 7, 2017 at 1:39 am

    Ms. Wilson,

    I recently found your article “Alien Behavior and the Extraterrestrial Agenda” and was more than enthusiastic to know that someone actually thought this through.

    Congratulations on a most intuitive and comprehensive perspective on the “Alien initiatives”. I too agree that IF a UFO ACCIDENTALLY crashed AND had no UFO tow or AAA to render aid then exactly what kind of “Advanced” possibilities are we pondering. The big picture perspective would also assume they could do more with raw material including whole planets to “Terraform” rather than mess with ours. At this point I don’t believe that it is possible it is their Albert Einstein peering at me through the trees in my back yard. And perhaps we can put an owners manual on each cow to better share the whole him and her phenomena of reproduction. A comedian recently commented “clearly we are not working with top brass.”.

    I must presume gullibility when I see UFO film or pictures that lack intelligence given a universe of options and your column answers for at least this human that I am not alone.

    Kind Regards,

    • Kelly

      July 8, 2017 at 3:03 pm

      Thank you very much,
      I appreciate it and I’m glad to know there is a like mind out there.

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