The Amazing Interactive BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Teddy Bear

Spirits of children.  They bother investigators to varying degrees.  For some, it’s simply sad that a child’s spirit might be stuck on this plane, unable to move on for whatever reason.  For others, it seems an affront to everything they believe that a child’s ghost might still roam the Earth after death.  I’ve met a few who are so vehemently against the idea that they insist that any spirit who seems like a child is actually a demon in search of souls to corrupt.

Whatever your beliefs, the ghosts of children put a whole new spin on any investigation and it can sometimes be difficult figuring out the best way to communicate with them.  Some are shy, and some simply lack the necessary skill or desire to communicate with adults.

With that in mind, the creators at GhostShop developed a solution.  He’s called the BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Bear, and this bear is full of surprises.

To begin with, BooBuddy has a built in EMF detector.  He takes baseline measurements for the first 30 seconds after it’s powered up and continues to track spikes and changes in its environment.  BooBuddy can also take temperature readings and has built in motion sensors.  He’ll also respond to changes in his environment with a friendly voice inviting the spirits to come closer.

Fans of the paranormal TV show “Kindred Spirits” have seen the little guy in action.  Adam and Amy use him often when they think they’re with the spirits of children and they’ve had some phenomenal results.

I think my favorite feature of this industrious teddy bear, however, is that fact that he will ask a set of EVP questions when left to his own devices, when his sensors pick up changes in a room, prompting spirits and ghosts to interact.  In addition to the full version, they also have the BooBuddy, Jr. that works exclusively as a trigger object with built in EMF detector.

The BooBuddy is pure genius.  You can pick one up at the GhostShop BooBuddy website.  They’re also available at Amazon!

Take a look at the product demo below, and let us know what you think of the BooBuddy in the comments.

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