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Do you have Rh negative blood? Do you know that if you do that you are special? There are so many studies going on right now that have found out that people with Rh negative blood all share commonalities. There are even some scientific studies that claim that Rh negative people came from an alien race, yes as in outer space alien race.

The scientific study points that the Rh negative blood group actually originates from around 35,000 years ago. It is connected to certain groups and tribes of people. Most of the connection comes from Europe, Northern Europe, France & Spain to be precise.

Rh negative blood can be utilized by any human in need of a blood transfusion however those with Rh negative blood cannot make use of any other type of blood.

Here are the following blood types: A, B, AB & O. They are classified in difference by the different proteins found on the surface of our blood cells (the ones that fight off bacteria) in our body. Most people have Rh positive but a very minor group, only 15% are Rh negative.

Here are some special “powers” that Rh negative people seem to all have in common:

  1. Empathic & compassionate, tend to be healers.
  2. Psychic & remarkable intuition.
  3. Mysterious (People often tell you that they can’t figure you out.)
  4. Dreams are pre-cognitive or psychic & vivid in nature.
  5. Feeling that you don’t belong.
  6. Higher IQ than normal.
  7. Increased sensitivity to heat and light.
  8. Truth seeker
  9. Have a sense of “mission in life”.
  10. Have an extra rib or vertebra.
  11. ESP ability
  12. Love of space & science.
  13. Vision and other senses seem to be more sensitive.
  14. Lower body temperature.
  15. Cannot be cloned.
  16. Higher blood pressure (some are lower).
  17. Piercing eyes
  18. Have predominantly blue, green or hazel eyes that actually change with your moods.
  19. Ability to disrupt electrical devices.
  20. Deep thinkers
  21. Creative (art, writing, poetry, crafts, baking, making & designing stuff, building businesses, music, etc.) & freedom to express creativity is important.
  22. Seem to always appear younger in appearance than the exact age.
  23. Have red hair or natural reddish highlights.
  24. Have difficult pregnancies & births. (Rh negative & Rh positive blood is extremely incompatible. When the mother is Rh negative and the baby is Rh positive, the mother’s blood creates antibodies that attack the red blood cells of their child & destroy the fetus. The condition is known as Rh incompatibility. It can be prevented with Rh immune globin. A man named James Harrison has himself alone produced enough to save the lives of at least 2 million babies through his blood donations.) Pregnancies may also cause the mother to become anemic.
  25. Are easily frightened.
  26. Prone to more allergies while having a better resistance to certain types of diseases (such as HIV, small pox, bubonic plague, etc.).
  27. Do better at higher altitudes.

Breakdown of the different personalities of Rh negative blood types are:

O negative: Said to be natural born leaders that are very much in tune with themselves. Their instinct is always ready and unable to not act according to it. Unlike A-, O- are not willing to postpone anything important. Not willing to take risks in terms of not following their inner voice. Downside is they tend to be isolated, sometimes destructive and alienating themselves from others.

They want to be a leader and whenever they see something that they want, they keep striving until they achieve their goal in obtaining it. They tend to be trend setters, loyal, passionate and self-confident.

Weaknesses sometimes include vanity, jealousy and a tendency to be too competitive.

They are 7% of the population. They are also considered “the universal donor” of blood however they can only receive their own blood type if a transfusion is needed.

For many years O+ was considered to be the “universal blood donor”. Modern medicine now recognizes that type O- blood is actually the only “universal donor”. O- is the rarest blood type & is able to be accepted by any patient, the available supplies on hand are very low.

Doing any research on line, you will see that there is a worldwide need for rare blood type blood donors.

A negative: More emotional than the rest and often will become overwhelmed. They tend to postpone decisions and actions. Can be extremely passive and distant when not inspired and very passionate and involved when something appeals to them. Are happy when in the company of those who don’t expect anything from them.

Often times they hold their emotions inside causing small things to trigger them to show up at unexpected times. They have a tendency to talk about crying during movies, overreacting and not being able to withhold a comment that would be better not said. They are only 6% of the population.

They like harmony, peace and organization. They seem to work well with others and are sensitive, patient and affectionate.

Their weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

B negative: Highly goal-oriented and even though they are sensitive, they tend to be mind over matter. They are able to go through tough times knowing the light at the end of the tunnel is near. Often they are not in touch with other people’s motives as they are so focused on their own. They are only 1% of the population.

They are usually a rugged individualist who is straight forward, likes to do things their own way. They tend to be creative and flexible (adapting easily to any situation).

Their weakness is that they tend to be insistent on being independent, which can sometimes go too far.

AB negative: Have the high sensitivity of the A-, but are also able to be mind over matter like the B-. The differences at times they are not as grounded within themselves and are seeking answers through others rather than within themselves. They are only 1% of the population.

They tend to be calm and controlled. Are generally well liked and always seem to put people at ease. They are natural entertainers. They are tactful and fair.

Weaknesses are they are standoffish, blunt and have difficulty making decisions.


There are many websites on the rare blood types that list a lot of information. It’s good to do your research as having Rh- blood means that you cannot take a transfusion of Rh+ blood as they do not mix as I told you earlier in the article.

Here are a few famous Rh- celebrities:

O negatives: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Liam & Noel Gallagher, & Paul Newman.

A negatives: George Bush Sr., Soseki Natsume, Ringo Starr, & Britney Spears.

B negatives: Akira Kurosawa, Paul McCartney, Mia Farrow, Leonardo Dicaprio, & Jack Nicholson.

AB negatives: Jackie Chan, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Mick Jagger, & Alain Prost.

A few other celebrities that are Rh- but not specified which group they fall under are:

Sophia Loren, Ozzy Osborne, David Bowie, Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Loretta Lynn, Kathy Buckley, Stephanie Beacham, Kerli Koiv, Lana Turner, Harry S. Truman, Brad Pitt, Jimi Hendrix, and the list goes on and on. There are a great deal of celebrities that fall under the categories.

If you are Rh- there is even a web group at that you can belong to.

I am a published author that specializes in stories of paranormal, supernatural and children's books. My books are available as Kindle or paperback versions on Amazon. I have had many personal paranormal experiences besides having the best (late) Grandmother who could spin the best ghost stories ever.


  1. Melissa Marie

    October 11, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    Hello and thank you for the wonderful and insightful article. Well done. I am A- RH negative. not sure about the extra vetebrae or rib…but i have naturally white blond hair, dark dark brown eyes, never had nor ever will have wisdom teeth (maternal grandmother was also without ever having wisdom teeth) Im extremely flexible or aka double jointed..therefore never have had any bone fact never had many injuries thus far. Im 43 so “knocking on wood” hahaha. Im for the most part never ill, ive had random kidney issues during pregnacies. Ive have one daughter and my son was born a 6 years later. I had a full term miscarriage between the two. Not blaming it on any one certain thing…thankful for my children that i have and they are both high fuctioning sensitive clairaudient and clairsentinent with a mother who understands them. Glad to know there are studies for RH factor and that they are able to more understand us in this world now. THanks again. Good day.

  2. Teddy Z

    December 22, 2018 at 2:15 am

    Greetings. Thanks for article. I’m an
    AB- type. Keep having really cool encounters lately with people of negative lines. Lady today asked me about it because my eyes
    Hazel with multiple tones, coppery.
    I was asked to donate a lot years back
    But not recently. Neat to read up
    My spiritual side is very in depth. I’m into Norse Traditions and Runes.
    Thanks for the read

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