California Woman Suing the State to Recognize the Existence of Sasquatch

Sasquatch. Bigfoot. The names conjure up images of blurred photographs, plaster cast footprints, and well, Harry and the Hendersons, but there are a lot more people in the world who believe in the mysterious cryptids than you might think, and one woman is suing the state of California to officially recognize their existence.

Claudia Ackley, a resident of Crestline, CA, claims she has saw three of the creatures while hiking with her two daughters near Lake Arrowhead in San Bernadino County. One was around 30 feet up in a tree, while two others fled upon sight of the family. Ackley, who has been a Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher for 20 years, said the creature in the tree looked similar to a neanderthal man, covered in hair, with a head about three times the size of a normal human.

When the woman and her daughters tried to report the sighting to forest rangers, however, the rangers explained that she’d been mistaken and had only seen a bear. It appears that their disbelief is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Claiming that the state’s refusal to recognize the cryptid’s existence has made her belief a source of ridicule and damaged her dignity, she has sued the state for infringing upon her rights. She has teamed with longtime Bigfoot hunter and documentarian Todd Standing, who has filed a similar suit against British Columbia, to present evidence in the case which has been given a court date in March.

While the lawsuit lists no actual evidence, it does suggest that the large hominid is possibly an endangered species that has been referenced by respectable scientists and researchers for over 100, and even seems to indicate that Theodore Roosevelt, himself, recognized the existence of said creatures.

Screengrab: Superior Court of the State of California

While Ackely prepares her court case and gathers expert witnesses, we in the paranormal community will be watching very closely to see just how it all plays out. You can be sure that we’ll be reporting the details as they happen here at!

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