Cryptid Sightings in Ohio Part 1


Who doesn’t love a good monster story? I know I do. My late Grandma could spin stories like no one else. I loved listening to her tell me about different monsters and ghosts. This article is part 1 of 2. I have a plethora of stories to bring you, so much so that I can’t do it all in just one article. So adjust your reading glasses if you need them and turn your eyeballs to the following information on cryptid sightings reported in Ohio, USA.

Although the United States has had literally thousands of cryptid sightings reported, Ohio has had its fair share from the Charles Mills Lake Monster to Alien Big Cats, Werewolves, Cedar Bog Monster, Orange Eyes, Bigfoot and even the famous Mothman. The state seems to be most popular with Bigfoot & Dogmen (Werewolves) type cryptids.



Mill Lake Reservoir sits between Cleveland and Columbus in Ohio, USA. The Reservoir was constructed in 1935 by damming the Black Fork of the Mohican River.

On March 28, 1959, three young men (Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong and Michael Lane) reported to local law enforcement an encounter they had with a monster. The boys were playing around near Ruggles Road (aka Lover’s Lane) near the Charles Mill Reservoir at night. They claim to have observed a very strange looking creature rise up from the water near them. It was at least seven feet tall and armless but humanoid in form. It was huge and had bright glowing green eyes and large webbed feet.

When local authorities checked the reports, they discovered tracks all along the shoreline in the swampy muck that resembled diving fins. Books have been written on it; however, over the years, it seems to have been mixed up with another cryptid called “Orange Eyes”. Some people who reported to have seen them claim it is the same creature while others report there are distinctions between the two monsters.


Orange Eyes is reportedly 11 feet tall (335 cm), weighing a hefty 1,000 pounds (453 kilograms) looking humanoid or ape-like. It is said to have once lived beneath the Cleveland River Side Cemetery. After its home was destroyed by a highway construction crew in the 1940’s, it was forced to move to the wooded area near Mill Lake. It is there that it began terrorizing residents of Mill Lake for decades afterwards.

First reports of Orange Eyes encounters began in 1963. As the encounters began to come more and more frequent, the creature became more aggressive and vicious. April of 1968 a group of children saw the monster near Mill Lake just after dark. Using flashlights they began chasing the monster with baseball bats and ropes. Much to their parents delights the creature evaded them.

Reports on seeing Orange Eyes occurred in many different years, the last of which was in June of 1991. The creature was seen by some fishermen who were fishing near Willis Creek. The horrified witnesses watched as the monster disappeared back into the woods near them.

Keep this in mind: October 18, 1973, (in the same area) there was a UFO spotted by eye witnesses near the Charles Mill Reservoir. The UFO reportedly emitted a green beam of light towards the ground. Afterwards it then had an encounter with a military type helicopter. Ponder this, could Orange Eyes be an alien? There is no direct association between this incident & the monster but both occurring in the same area- you have to still wonder.



Loveland, Ohio is a small suburb north of Cincinnati. It sits along the Little Miami River and actually borders three counties. The first reported sighting of the Loveland Frogmen (or Lizardmen) was in May of 1955. An anonymous man reported that he was driving on a road along the Miami River around 3:30 in the morning in Clermont County when, he claims, to have spotted 3 creatures in the road.

They were described by him as being around 3-4 feet tall (.91-1.22 meters), having frog like heads that had no hair. One held a wand like stick above its head. The wand started shooting sparks which scared the man so much that he fled the area.

The next report came from Police Officer Ray Shockey. He stated on March 3, 1972, around 1:00 A.M. he was patrolling on Riverside Road heading towards Loveland. Since the roads were icy he was not driving very fast. He came upon something odd in the road. It darted across in front of his cruiser as he slammed on the brakes. The frog like creature stood up on 2 feet, staring down the officer. The creature then ran and jumped over a guard rail. He last saw the creature running down the embankment and disappearing into the Ohio River.

Two weeks later another Police Officer, Mark Mathews, claimed to have observed it also. Years later he recanted his story with claims he just reported it to show support for the previous police officer who reported seeing it.




Dogmen or Werewolves have been reported in Allen County, Defiance County, Delphos, London, Central Ohio (near Columbus area), Middlefield and Norton.

Defiance, Ohio:

The events were documented by local newspapers from the area (Defiance and Toledo) in July & August of 1972. Claims are of three separate incidents of people being attacked between 1:00 A.M. to 4:30 A.M. The attacker was described to police as “a person with an animal head with fangs”. The local Police started searching for it as a “wolfman”. It was always described as 6-8 feet in height, hairy, dressed in jeans and a shirt with bare furry feet and a caveman like canter.

The sightings, incidents and attack occurred along the Norfolk and Western Railroad tracks. Three separate incidents took place near Fifth Street.

The Chief at the time, Donald Breckler, was quoted by news as saying the PD did not release the first report to news media. (It supposedly occurred a week prior.) After the next reports were made they decided to take the safety of the people in town more seriously. Reports from 3 different people claim to have seen something that looked like a werewolf along the railroad tracks in downtown Defiance. They gave it the name of Wolfman, while residents called it the Thing.

The creature was next spotted by a train crewman, Ted Davis. Mr. Davis told the local newspaper, The Blade: “I was connecting an air hose between two cars and was looking down. I saw these huge hairy feet, then I looked up and he was standing there with that big stick over his shoulder.” (The creature threw the 2×4, striking him in the shoulder. He suffered minor injuries.) “When I started to say something, he took off for the woods.”

It was spotted early the next morning, 3:00 A.M. by another train crewman by the name of Tom Jones.

It supposedly tried to attack a couple of other train crewmen in the same manner but they managed to get away. The third reported sighting to Defiance Police was from a motorist who claimed it ran out in front of his car around 4:00 A.M. but it then quickly ran off.

After this the reports kept rolling into the PD. People living along the railroad tracks would call in to complain that on several nights at around 2:00 A.M., something would rattle door knobs, scratch at windows and attempt to get inside houses. Several residents reported being stalked while walking at night.

Even though sightings supposedly continued, the police were never able to catch the creature or discover any proof. However the reports of the creature stopped mid August of that year. They eventually closed the investigation.

Delphos, Ohio:

The reports for this location surround the area that is now known as Resurrection Cemetery, and say that this was once the “home” for werewolves during the Great Black Swamp Days. Numerous stories exist about werewolves seen along the Auglaize River near what is now the cemetery.

London, Ohio:

This report takes place in the early 1980’s from a family that moved into a home that was located in a wooded area. The lady of the house was home with her 4 year old child while the husband was at work. She claimed to have heard noises outside, and then supposedly saw eyes outside of a kitchen window. She thought it was a dog.

After completing what she was doing she moved to another part of the house and saw the same eyes looking in at her from another window. It was at this point she realized it was too big to be a dog as the eyes were at her eye level. Nothing was ever found outside.

Central Ohio/Columbus area:

In August of 2005 a truck driver called into a Coast to Coast radio show telling the DJ, Ian Punnett, he saw something odd one night. He would only give his first name as Scott. He was driving when his headlights lit upon a large beast alongside the road crouched down eating a deer. The creature was described as looking like a cross between “an ape with a dog’s head” and the werewolf from the Van Helsing movie.

Middlefield, Ohio:

There have been several reports of people witnessing a large creature on all fours that to be about 6 feet with a bushy tail. Some reports say it was a silvery gray or had dark fur with tips of silvery gray. One report said their encounter with the creature was not aggressive while other reports are that the same described creature started towards them and was very aggressive. It was described as the fur on its back being thicker.

Norton, Ohio:

There are actually many reports in this area of werewolf-type creatures chasing wildlife and groups of them seen gathered near a cornfield. They have been described as being around 6 foot tall or taller with dark or silvery gray fur. Families living in the area reported hearing howls or chickens being stolen by wolf like creatures.

Allen County, Ohio:

A man is reported to have seen an odd creature in a bean field that leads to a small wood not far from his house. He saw something run towards the bean field from a neighbor’s pond that he said was humanoid and around six feet tall. It was reportedly covered in grey or pink skin, had long ears like a dog but it was very muscular. He said he only saw the back of it but he said it was human looking from the waist down with muscular striations on the back of the legs.

There are many more reported sightings in Ohio. Descriptions vary little but mostly are the same.


While the Mothman is more famous on the Point Pleasant (WV) side of the Ohio River, the town of Gallipolis (OH) had just as many reported sightings of the creature. After the November 15, 1966 sighting in Point Pleasant (WV) it was dubbed “Big Bird”. It was an Ohio copy editor who dubbed it “Mothman”.

A witness reported in August of 1982 that she saw this creature at Rocky Fork Lake in southern Ohio. She reportedly saw the same thing a year later. The creature had disguised itself as an upright tree or logs lying on the ground. She claims it looked like an old tall topless tree trunk that was about nine to ten feet high. Catching movement she then watched as it partially twisted at the top and moved back into the woods without a sound. She watched it unfold its wings that, said, had a span that appeared longer than those of a small airplane.

She then noticed that it seemed to look like a tree once again; however this time its two eyes watched them. It was the following year that she noticed the legs. They appeared to look like chicken legs, thin and short for the body. On the feet were three long slender toes with a hooked toe or nail on the lower portion.

Stories are still circulating around the Ohio areas along the river of the creature hiding in plain sight. The creature apparently isn’t capable of speaking but makes a screeching type noise. There have been literally hundreds of reported sightings that continue to this day.

Next week is part 2 of Ohio cryptids, which will include Bigfoot, so please check back! Thank you!

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