Cryptid Sightings in Ohio Part 2


Welcome back to part two of Cryptid Sightings in Ohio. I thoroughly hope you enjoyed reading part one.

It was exciting (and a bit of a surprise) to find so many different crytids discovered in just Ohio alone. I really enjoyed researching this topic and plan on bringing you more at another time.




There have been reports of Bigfoot sightings literally all over Ohio.

Here are the most noteworthy:

Minerva Monster is the best recorded sighting. Reports of sightings began around mid-1978 in Minerva (OH).

Evelyn & Howe Cayton and their grandchildren claimed to have seen a large hairy monster near a gravel pit by their home. The large creature was covered in dark matted fur, appearing to be around 300 pounds & seven feet tall. This sighting occurred during the daylight hours. They also reported that the creature had no visible neck.

The reports started in earnest after this initial sighting. The Caytons would report seeing it looking in their windows, leaving a strong stench when it left. The family called the local sheriff’s department to investigate. Deputy Sheriff Shannon could still smell it when he arrived to check the area, but he was unable to locate anything.

The creature visited their house three nights in a row. On the third night, Howe Cayton fired a shotgun in the air, scaring the creature away.

The family saw it a final time in broad daylight in September of that year, but it was joined by another similar creature.

A couple of years after the Minerva sightings there began a large amount of sightings in Logan and Union counties. The most peculiar was a Union County resident, Mrs. Donna Riegler, who was driving home from work on June 24, 1980.

As she slowed her car to go over railroad tracks she saw something lying on the road. Riegler thought it was a dog until it stood upright. Frightened, she drove away as fast as she could. She couldn’t see any facial features but claims it was definitely a Bigfoot creature.

Wildman of Enon/Salt Fork State Park Bigfoot: This park campground, which opened in the 1970’s, consists of dense forests and canyons and is an excellent habitat for Bigfoot creatures. Reports of sightings began opening weekend, and most all of them centered on the creatures being seen around the dumpsters or in clearings at the edge of the forests.

Even park rangers have reported encounters with the creatures.

Creature Weekend is held annually in Cambridge, Ohio. This year it is October 26-28, 2018 at Salt Fork State Lodge. The conference is dedicated to the exploration & discussion of Cryptozoology. It attracts researchers from all over the USA & features speakers on various cryptozoological topics (including Bigfoot). It is open to anyone who is interested. For more info you can contact Cosmo Kramer via e-mail at or call (740) 439-2751.

Cedar Bog monster: Huge ape-like creatures have been sighted walking along Woodburn Road near the bog. Due to so many reports there was a long metal fence topped with barbed wire erected along both sides of the road. Some say it is to keep the bog protected from people, but there are those who believe it was actually erected to keep Bigfoot from getting out.


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Some say the Grassman of Ohio is Bigfoot. Others, however, disagree stating there are differences between though they do have similar habits.

Grassman sightings include reports that groups of up to 5 have been observed together, which makes them a little more social than Bigfoot. Even mothers and babies have been seen.

They tend to live in either caves or dome like dwellings made of forest materials. Often they are seen in cornfields, which tends to lead many to believe that farms are main food sources of the creatures.

Heights are generally in the six to seven foot range with footprints 10 to 20 inches in length with weight being anywhere from 300 to 1000 pounds.

The Grassmen have been cited as having differing traits and a variety of evidence has been found including:

  1. Snub looking noses, broad chests and red squinty type deep set eyes or eyes large and luminous.
  2. It has the appearance of a gorilla but stands up straighter.
  3. Having long arms and pointed heads.
  4. Appearance of no neck, very wide shoulders and unusual heavy breathing.
  5. Having a strong rotten egg smell.
  6. Footprints have been found where some appear to have clawed toes, pigeon-toed or flat-footed and even three toed prints located.
  7. They reportedly growl, bark, cry like a baby and scream.
  8. Colors have ranged from white, blackish-brown, gray, and coal-black.
  9. A 16” hair strand was located and analyzed by Ohio State University, however it could not be identified.
  10. Possible handprints located in woods.
  11. Feces found on tree limbs and located with wood fibers in content.
  12. Have been reported to be seen in a cave with deer parts inside.
  13. Only palms of their hands appear without hair.

There are actually so many reported sightings all over Ohio of Bigfoot that I could write you a long article on this subject alone. It seems Ohio is the mecca of Werewolves (Dogmen) and Bigfoot.


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Alien Big Cats (aka ABC) are large cats that are seen out of their natural habitat. (Doesn’t mean they are from outer space, just out of place.) Reported sightings have includded Cougars (Mountain Lions), Bobcats, Lions, Jaguars, Black Panthers, etc.

The cats have been seen from afar or have attacked other animals. These large cats have been seen by Law Enforcement personnel to the general public.

Reported sightings have taken place in Mercer County, Allen County, Portsmouth, Layfette & many other areas.


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Alleged sightings of an aquatic cryptid in Lake Erie go back to the end of the 18th century. The earliest sighting was made in 1793 by the crew of Felicity. The boat’s captain said they were near Sandusky, Ohio when it was observed.

The next two sightings occurred in 1817. One was reported by a ship’s crew, and the second, by two men named Dusseau who saw it on a beach. There was even a triple fatality boating incident blamed on the creature in 1992. Reports of the creature vary in color and size but all give the description as being serpent like.

Sightings from the 1960s through the 1990s place the creature near South Bass Island, Cedar Point Causeway, Rye Beach in Huron, north of Vermillion, near Cedar Point Amusement Park, and in the Maumee Bay.

There have been so many sightings that the Associated Press ran an article on the creature on September 30, 1990. It was titled “Legend of Lake Erie Monster Rises Again: Myths: New reports of sightings of the huge snakelike creature are causing a stir. Marine researchers remain skeptical.”

It is possible that the “creature” could be a sturgeon, Lake Erie’s largest fish. The fish can grow up to 300 pounds and 10 feet in length. Some observers of the creature disagree stating there is no way it could be a sturgeon.


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Although the monster hasn’t been seen in over 200 years, the legend of the Crosswick Monster is still strong in the area 20 miles north of the Loveland Frogman’s territory.

Reports began when two small boys belonging to John Lynch, ages 13 and 11 years old, were playing on the banks of a small creek when they were startled by a large snake-like creature. As the boys watched, it sprouted arms and snatched one of them, dragging him nearly 100 yards to a massive Sycamore tree.

Three men, who were fishing a short distance from the boys, heard them screaming and saw the creature. They took chase to rescue the boy at which point the creature became alarmed, unfastened its fangs and dropped the half dead child to the ground.

The Sycamore tree was believed to be the creature’s den as the monster dropped the child just outside of a hole in the tree. Dr. L. C. Lukens of Waynesville was called to take care of the child.

Later the 26” diameter tree was chopped down by dozens of men using saws & axes. This caused the serpent looking creature to reappear. They went after it, bu the monster escaped them by crashing through a fence and darting into a cavern.

The men described the monster, saying, “It was 30 to 40 feet long and 12 to 14 feet tall, 16 inches around and legs 4 feet long. It was covered with scales like a lizard. They were black & white in color with large yellow spots. The head about 16 inches wide, had a long forked tongue and a mouth inside deep red.”

The Crosswick Monster was never seen again but it was witnessed by more than 60 men who have claimed to have seen it at that time.


There are so many more cryptids that I could actually continue on to a part three but we will leave it for another time. I hope you have enjoyed reading the reports and findings. It’s up to you to decide if they are real or not.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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