When Death Comes to Call: Death Omens the World Over

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Death has always been the greatest mystery.  We travel through life toward its inevitable end with no almost no certainty of what waits on the other side of the door.  For some, it is fascinating, and for others, terrifying.  Scientists and shamans, psychologists and paranormal investigators regularly delve into what lies beyond the Veil and how we get there.  Others have sought meaning in the signs and warnings that may come as Death approaches.  These death omens are found in the folklore and superstitions of cultures all over the world and they come in every shape and size.

With Halloween just around the corner, our thoughts often turn to these various signs of impending doom and even incorporate some into our annual decoration.  Take a look at the list below.  I in no way intend to foster paranoia, but as a wise man said forewarned is forearmed.

Animal Omens

Many omens of death come from the natural world, and from some of the most innocent of creatures.

Black Cats

Death Omens

Blamed for everything from bad luck to stealing the breath of children, black cats are central to many superstitions so it’s no wonder they have been associated with death.

  1. In Germany, it is believed if a black cat sits on the bed of someone who is sick, it’s a sign that the person will die.
  2. If a cat meows at midnight, death is coming to your home.
  3. If a black cat crosses in front of a funeral procession, someone in the family of the deceased will die within three days.


Death Omens

We watch them as they fly gracefully through the skies, but be warned…birds can signal death around the corner.

  1. If a bird flies into your home, there will so be a death in the familiy.
  2. Be warned if a woodpecker pecks at your house, death will occur within days.
  3. If an owl hoots over your head as you walk under a tree, someone in your family will die soon.
  4. Owls hooting on the roof of your home, or even in your neighborhood, can signal death nearby.
  5. If a bird flies against the window of your home and dies, death is certain and soon.  This is especially associated with white birds and crows.
  6. Crows have long been associated with death.  In Native American lore, Crow could travel between this world and the next and is also the keeper of Sacred Law.  Beware if a crow enters your home and sits on the bedpost of someone who is ill.  That person will not survive the illness.


Death Omens

Man’s best friend has always had ties to the other side.  It’s hard to erase the image of Cerberus guarding the Gates of the Underworld from the collective unconscious.  But pay attention to your dog’s behavior.  They might be warning you of the end.

  1. If a dog howls while staring at the ground, a death is coming to your family.
  2. If a dog howls repeatedly under the bedroom window of a someone who is sick, that person will not survive the illness.
  3. Seeing a spectral black dog is a sure sign that you will die.  (You might have come across this one while reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Author J.K. Rowling did a great deal of research into world folklore and myth while creating her wondrous wizarding community.)


Death Omen4

The busiest creatures in the insect world ensure life to the entire planet, but if you see them swarming a rotting tree in your yard, someone in your household is doomed to die.

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