Director Corin Hardy Reports Paranormal Experiences on the Set of ‘The Nun’

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of days, San Diego Comic Con, arguably the most famous and widely anticipated genre conventions in the world, has been going on all weekend. Filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, etc. descended upon the Con to discuss their latest projects and generate buzz for the new films, tv series, and book releases we’ll be seeing in the coming year.

Among this year’s guests, Corin Hardy and Taissa Farmiga were in attendance to promote the newest chapter in The Conjuring franchise: 2018’s The Nun.

The franchise, of course, began based on the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren, but have since branched out to provide backstories for some of the many terrifying antagonists from the films including Annabelle the doll who now has not one but two films of her own.

This latest film is another prequel that takes us back in time to a convent where a young nun meets Valak, the Nun-habited demon from The Conjuring 2. Corin Hardy directs and Taissa Farmiga, sister of Vera Farmiga who has previously played Lorraine Warren twice in the franchise, stars as the young nun, Sister Irene.

The film looks terrifying, but according to Hardy the hauntings were relegated to the story only. In fact, while chatting with Yahoo News at SDCC, he related the story of his own personal paranormal experience during shooting.

It seems that filming was taking place in an old fortress in the Transylvanian region of Romania. As a precaution before filming, Hardy had brought in a priest to bless the sets and crew that would be involved in the shoot.

Later on, the director entered a room where he had monitors set up for to view during filming a particular scene called the Corridor of Crosses. He saw two men sitting in the back of the room. Thinking it was members of the crew, he called for action and after several takes in about a half hour, he finally had the shot he needed for the film.

At this point, he turned to ask what the men in the room thought, only to discover that he was completely alone. There was only one entrance to the room, so there was no way the men he saw could have left without him knowing…unless they were actually spirits.

Obviously, Hardy was shocked, but he took it all in stride and kept working.

This is not the first tale of the paranormal that has been shared from film sets, in general, nor is it the first from one of The Conjuring films. In an interview in 2016, Patrick Wilson, who plays Ed Warren in the central Conjuring films, relayed a story about seeing Joey King, a young actress in the first film, at the infirmary covered in unexplained bruises that mirrored those Lili Taylor’s character experienced in the film.

Also, James Wan reported multiple strange occurrences during filming, including one instance where his puppy tracked an unseen presence through his office. Chad and Carey Hayes, meanwhile, ran into technical trouble every time they tried to contact Lorraine Warren via phone while writing the script. The phone would often be overcome with static and the line would inexplicably disconnect.

Of course, some will say these are mere coincidences, but it’s hard not to see a pattern where these things are involved.

Could it be that making films about the paranormal invites the presence of spirits? Have they simply chosen haunted locations for filming?

Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out the latest trailer for The Nun below!

(Note, pay close attention and you’ll see an homage to a similarly haunted film franchise! Can you guess which?)

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