Dowsing Rods.. Metaphyiscal Tool, Or An Investigators Nightmare??

The use of Dowsing rods can be dated back as early as the 15th century, but do they make the cut in the paranormal field?

Water, iron, gold, silver, and even petroleum were found using dowsing rods. The elements of the Earth were plenty in the 15th century, and the dowsing rod, the tool of choice. The 16th century is on record as labeling the use of dowsing rods to be the work of occultists. However, usage of dowsing rods in the 17th century became a grimmer tale.

Dowsing rods in this time period were used to locate witches and demons. The witches were hanged, and innocent people were possessed with demons. The use of dowsing rods took a new turn somewhere along the timeline making them one of the first paranormal tools in use. There is no scientific conclusions as to whether dowsing rods work with paranormal investigations.  The evidence stacked against dowsing rods run higher than the accountability according to evidence.

Originally made from wood to allow bending of the wood for pinpointing locations of desired items, modern rods are made from copper, iron, or similar substance. The material covering the handles allows free movement, though most investigators today would use EMF meters instead, and some would argue that the EMF meter is the natural evolution from the historic tools. In the paranormal field, both dowsing rods and EMF meters are used to pick up magnetic responses that are generated. The responses are somewhat different though. On an investigation, the EMF meter will generate different frequencies to different fields of energy. It’s not necessary to walk steady to pick up a reading. That allows you to move more efficiently. The use of dowsing rods requires  steady arms, and a much slower pace if you want an accurate reading from them. The user will typically ask yes or no questions, and the crossing of the rods is indicative of a “yes” answer to a question.


Paranormal investigators all have a favorite piece of equipment they prefer. After witnessing several heated discussions over the use of the dowsing rods, I decided to purchase a pair of dowsing rods and put them to the test. The plus side of dowsing rods? I detected movement of the rods in an active spot. The minus of dowsing rods? Unless your group standing still or creeping at a snail’s pace, you will be left behind out of necessity. They will gather the same information you are getting, but acquiring way more evidence such as recordings, photography and video. Your hands will be holding the only piece of equipment you will receive evidence from.


It makes you wonder how someone came up with the idea for contacting the other side for answers using dowsing rods. Trying to communicate with the other side is a scientific dream. Whether you use dowsing rods or an EMF meter, it never hurts to try something new in your group. We always want to improve our chances of proving the existence of spirits. With a combination of equipment both scientific and metaphysical, it betters your chances of finding out answers on an investigation.

What are your thoughts on dowsing rods?

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