Energy, Vortexes,Triangles and the Earth

Written by Kelly Wilson

Anyone that has even the slightest interest in the Paranormal or odd happenings has, no doubt, heard of the Bermuda Triangle and possibly the Dragon’s Triangle.

Those that have a deeper interest in Earth Energy, and even certain forms of Spirituality, have probably heard of Stonehenge and possibly Sedona, Arizona.

These 4 places are well known for their peculiar reputations and the strange occurrences that give them those reputations, What isn’t as well known is that there are many, many such places including some locations that people are familiar with that are known for other oddities and not so much for their energy.

Our world is constantly creating and absorbing energy. Mother Earth is creating it through it’s molten, spinning core and channeling it through crystals, metals and other materials between it’s center and it’s surface. It is absorbing energy from the Sun and energy being’s living on the Earth’s surface are generating.

The Earth, like the Human Body, has pathways on and through which energy travels to cause an effect and to more equally distribute itself. This is part of the reason many people see Mother Earth as a living being and not just a stone globe floating in Space. This energy seems to have certain spots and areas that it is released in a more concentrated form and these spots and areas have been known about for centuries even if they weren’t understood.

These places have been marked as Sacred sites, they have had Churches, Temples and all types of Spiritual centers built on them. They have been places that Shamans and Healers would go to commune with the Spirits and places where strange sights were witnessed (lights in the sky). These places held reverence and were to be respected. These areas were said to effect humans in several different ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s said that these places would cause visions, promote healing, inspire creativity, cause disorientation, confusion and a person may have visual and auditory hallucinations. These places are now known to also interfere with electrical equipment and compasses.


                                                                                      Image Credit: NASA

In 1972 a man named Ivan T. Sanderson first suggested the idea of energy vortexes being equally spaced around the globe and them being connected by intersecting “Ley” lines. He proposed that there were 10 of them not including the North and South Poles. He called them “Vile Vortices”, also referring to them as the “12 Devil’s Graveyards”.

These 12 are:

The Bermuda Triangle, The Dragon’s Triangle (The Devil’s Sea), The Alaska Triangle, Stonehenge, The Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, Indus Valley (Mohenjo Daro), Wharton Basin, Hamakulia Volcano, the Algerian Monoliths and the North and South Poles.

Some of these are well known and have a very long and storied history while others are relatively unknown and have no strange or unusual happenings reported.

In addition to these there are also vortexes and energy centers that seem to be scattered randomly and in no particular place for any particular reason.

Some of these places are:

Sedona Arizona, Bridgewater Triangle (South of Boston), the Michigan Triangle, Bennington Triangle (Southwest Vermont), Mt. Shasta (California), Lake Titicaca (South America) and many others around the world.

One of my personal favorites is the Oregon Vortex and the Mystery House.

It’s in Gold Hill, Oregon and was opened to the public in 1930. It’s a place that was known to the Natives of the area. It’s said that their horses wouldn’t enter the area and so it became known as the “Forbidden Ground. At the Mystery House balls roll up hill, people and objects stand at an odd angle in a perpetual lean and a person’s height is visibly changed depending on where the person is standing.

Image Credit: Oregon Historical Society

It was supposedly debunked as all being visual illusions.

Vortexes are everywhere. Have you ever seen a circular shape of naturally occurring extra-healthy vegetation? A circular area of oddly placed dead vegetation? A circular pattern that is naturally occurring but just strange in someway?

A vortex that is clockwise (feminine) is supposed to be beneficial and great places to go for healing or to connect with your deeper self.

A vortex that is counter-clockwise (masculine) is thought to be negative and will drain you of your energy, give you anxiety, headaches and cause sleep disorders.

The next time you are feeling strange (to either the good or the bad) look around, maybe you have strayed into a vortex. It doesn’t always have to be massive like the Devil’s Graveyards, a Tornado or a Hurricane it may be a small swirling mass of energy that you’ve never noticed before.


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