Five Famous (and Terrifying) Australian Hauntings

Australia.  The Lucky Country.  Land of the Southern Cross.  Known for its intense beauty that is both regal and harsh, Australia has a past that has fostered numerous urban legends and some seriously terrifying haunted locations.    Take a look at five of these Australian Hauntings and tell us your favorites in the comments below!

#1 Devil’s Pool:  Babinda, Queensland

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According to Aboriginal folklore, a woman once drowned herself in Devil’s Pool after being separated from her lover.  Since that time she has haunted the pool like a siren, attempting to lure men to their deaths.  People have seen strange apparitions on the location and have also reported hearing a woman’s cries as if heartbroken.  True?  Who can say for certain, but there have been numerous deaths in Devil’s Pool, many of them men.

#2 Beechworth Asylum:  Beechworth, Victoria

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Originally called the Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, the asylum officially opened in 1867 and finally closed its doors in 1995.  During that time, a reported 3000 people died on the premises.  The asylum now stands empty, but that hasn’t stopped the reports of haunted activity.  Visitors to the location have reported hearing children’s laughter in the hallways.  Others have reported seeing the apparition of a woman standing on the very spot where she died after being thrown from a window by another patient.  People have been touched and felt pushed by unexplained forces inside the Asylum for years.  It seems clear that not all who died in the hospital have found rest.

#3 National Film and Sound Archive:  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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The National Film and Sound Archive building was once the Australian Institute of Anatomy where thousands of biological specimens of scientific interest were house.  With that kind of history, it’s no surprise that the building might house energies connected to its previous occupants.  While some visitors have reported being touched, at least one has reported being held against the wall by an unseen force in a corridor that once held hundreds of human skulls.

#4 Princess Theatre:  Melbourne, Victoria

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I love a good tragic opera, but there’s nothing quite like the story that accompanies the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.  In 1888, the baritone Frederick Frederici was performing the role of Mephistopheles in Gounod’s Faust.  As he made his final exit on a trap door that took him beneath the stage, the singer suffered a massive heart attack and died almost instantly.  Audiences and even some of the cast were shocked to learn of this later as most reported seeing Frederici in the final cast bows at the end of the evening.  To this day, audiences and actors alike still report seeing Frederici from time to time.  While it’s considered a good omen at the theatre, it’s also a bit disconcerting to some as Frederici sometimes appears in his Mephistopheles costume!

#5 Monte Cristo Homestead:  Junee, New South Wales

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Reportedly one of the most evil locations in Australia, Monte Cristo Homestead terrifies even the bravest of investigators.  From murders to a mentally disabled boy held captive to numerous deaths by falling down stairs and over balconies, the homestead has been home to one disturbing event after another.  To this day, visitors have reported seeing numerous apparitions and strange lights.  There have also been reports of disembodied voices.  No one is at rest in Monte Cristo.

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