Five Haunted Campgrounds Perfect for Summer/Fall Camping Trips

I don’t know where you are at the moment, but Texas is slowly baking in 100+ degree temperatures, and it has me thinking about those camping trips my family used to take when I was a kid at a local lake. I was never a big fan of camping…bugs, lizards, snakes, the heat, the cold, you name it. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The one thing I did love was campfires and ghost stories. It was never really a family activity; mom and dad weren’t involved. But my brothers and I did enjoy giving each other a scare or two.

For thousands of people ever year, camping is the ultimate getaway and those ghost stories and campfires are just as much a part of their fun as it was for me.

What about when the campsite itself is actually said to be haunted, however?

There are a whole host of reportedly haunted campgrounds across the U.S., but today we’re going to look at five particular sites that are almost cool enough to make me want to go camping!

#1 Braley’s Pond-Virginia

From the outside, Braley’s Pond, nestled in the heart of George Washington National Forest, is a bucolic dream. Surrounded by beautiful sky-reaching trees, the area is noted for its trout fishing and hiking trails, and locals will tell you it’s a perfect spot for a picnic…during the day.

At night, it’s a different story.

In 2002, there was a horrific gang murder, and at least one suicide has happened on its shores. Campers regularly report a feeling of foreboding as the sun sets as well as disembodied voices and sounds of horses neighing around them.

Few sleep through the night.

In 2006, the Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society conducted an investigation of the area and were deeply disturbed by their experiences. At least one member of the group reported being haunted for months after and rumor says that one member also attempted suicide upon leaving the campgrounds.

#2 Post Oak Place-Denton, TX

I’m not certain when reports started of paranormal activity around the Post Oak Place RV Park and Campground in Denton, TX, but there was one story in particular that stuck out to me during my research.

It seems that a family was staying at the park when they noticed a strange young man in the background of one of their photos. They thought nothing of this assuming it was another camper who just happened to have photobombed them.

Then he showed up in another picture…and another…and another…

Soon, the young man was appearing in all of their photos and the family decided to pack up and head home.

End of story, right?


Once they made it home, they were startled to see a fully formed apparition of the young man standing in their living room!

#3 Big Moose Lake-New York

What would an article about camping and the outdoors be without a lake haunted by the spirit of a weeping woman?

It’s said that way back in 1906, a young woman by the name of Grace Brown told her boyfriend that she was pregnant. He did not take the news well. In fact, the story goes that he beat her to death on the shores of Big Moose Lake.

Since that time, people have reported seeing the spirit of young Grace by the lake, weeping for the loss of her own life and that of her unborn child.  Visitors also report being overwhelmed by the young woman’s emotions, themselves.

#4 Holcomb Valley Campground-California

Big Bear, California.

It’s described as one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it’s hard not to agree. The Holcomb Valley Campground, however, is home to a terrifying tree.

Once a booming mining town, the area, of course, attracted plenty of questionable citizens, and soon there was a thriving trade in prostitution and gambling. When someone got too far out of line, however, they might find themselves on the end of a rope on the town’s hanging tree.

To this day, the tree still stands and visitors report the sounds of screams, crying, and other disembodied voices when they get too near the location.

#5 Crystal Lake Campgrounds-California

What is going on in California?!

It certainly seems to have its share of haunted campgrounds and Crystal Lake is no different.

Stephen Major was hired to help build the Crystal Lake Amphitheater. During constructions, his wife and two small children were with him.

Late one night, they awoke the sounds of a bear trying to get inside their tent. Major, of course, tried to fend the bear off to save his family, but he was killed in the process…torn to shreds while his family watched.

The bear didn’t stop there, however. He crawled into the tent and killed the rest of Major’s family, as well.

Throughout the woods around Crystal Lake, people hear the voices of the family. The children sound like they’re playing as their parents talk close by.

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