Getting Equipped: The Importance of EMF Detectors in Investigation

Over the years, certain tools have come to be considered essential when putting together your paranormal investigation toolkit.  Whether they help visualize the unseen as in the case of infrared cameras or allow us to hear the voices of the dead such as digital voice recorders, they are the right equipment to the job.  When you’re putting together your own collection, I highly recommend making sure you have a couple of EMF detectors.

EMF detectors are handy dandy multipurpose devices for investigators.  I’ll provide links at the end of the article if you’re looking to add one to your equipment.

What is EMF?

EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are fields of energy that surround electronic devices.  If it plugs in, it emits EMF.  In other words, they’re super common in modern life.

How does EMF affect us?

In most instances, EMF has very little affect on us.  It’s ever present and we almost build up an immunity to it.  Sometimes, through a fault in certain devices or wiring, an EMF leak can occur.  When this happens, unusually high levels of EMF can spill into the atmosphere of a room or home.

An EMF leak can be very dangerous to us because of the electromagnetic pulses that take place within our own bodies.  Prolonged exposure to high EMF levels can lead to paranoia, headaches, ringing ears, burning eyes, etc.  The list literally goes on and on.

How do EMF detectors aid in paranormal investigation?

emf detectors

All right, first let’s look at the practical.  It’s just as important in an investigation to look for mundane explanations for what people experience in a location as it is to look for the paranormal.  We know this.

It’s always a good idea to take your EMF detector and check the wiring and appliances in a home to see if high levels are not only present but constant.  If they are, the people in the home may be experiencing the side effects of EMF “poisoning” and the phenomena they’ve experienced may actually be in their heads.

However, if EMF levels are within normal range, it’s time to turn those detectors to their second purpose.

It’s commonly believed that when ghosts and other spiritual entities manifest, they give off an energy that is picked up EMF detectors.  This means, if all levels are normal in the house and suddenly you have a huge spike in the middle of the room, it”s entirely possible that you have located one of these entities.

I was once on an investigation where we were actually able to follow the movements of a ghost through a home because it literally pulsed each time it moved.  This wandering ghost lead us on quite the chase through the house, back tracking, moving in circles, and up the stairs before dissipating at a second story window.  It was a hell of night!

Where do I purchase an EMF detector?

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Seriously, you can find these devices in some hardware stores and big box home improvement stores.  But if you’re like me and you prefer shopping from your own home, you can also find them at good old Amazon starting only $22.99.

So, tell me, what have you experienced using the EMF detector and what’s your preferred brand?  Let us know in the comments below!

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