Gnomes, What if?

Written by Kelly Wilson

‘Porterville, California.

A woman and her three children move into a house near the Tule River. It was a nice little farmhouse that had a lake/pond and a run down barn/storage building on the property. The mother said that she had started feeling like they were being watched and she began to have an uneasy feeling, especially around the storage barn. She began to notice that no animals, no wildlife or strays or livestock, would go near the old barn. That struck her as odd to say the least.

One night she and the children returned from grocery shopping. As she was getting them and the groceries out of the car, something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye and she heard a sound. She described the sound as “very freaky, very evil sounding chuckle”. When she fully turned to look she claims to have seen a small figure standing about 50 yards away. She described it as wearing baggy pants, a colored shirt and wearing a pointed red hat. She says that it had a large nose, deep set eyes, a long greying beard, a smile that almost split it’s face in half and brown jagged or pointed teeth.

She dropped what groceries she had in her arms and she and her kids ran into the house, locking the door behind them. She claims that it had chased after them as they ran and once they were safe, it stalked around the outside of the house for a while. Once it had disappeared she chanced going back out to get the groceries and while she didn’t see the creature again, she says she could hear that evil laugh coming from the old shed. It was shortly thereafter the family moved out.

What could it have been that chased after this mother and her children? Perhaps it was just a practical joke of some kind? Surely if it was real other people would have seen this figure too, right?

Porterville, California – 2010

A family moves into a small farmhouse near the Tule River. It had a lake/pond and an old barn/storage building on the property. The husband, wife and children loved the house and location. They decorated the yard with garden gnomes and toadstool statues and stocked the pond with Koi fish. The only thing that they were wary about was the old barn.

One night they were awakened at 3 a.m. by what they describe as a “raspy, gurgling, singing”. When they looked out the window they saw down by the lake a figure wearing a tall red pointed hat that stood about 2 -3 feet tall with a long beard, deep set eyes and jagged pointed teeth set in a wide grin.

It was holding one of the garden gnomes up looking at it and singing. It realized that it was being watched by the couple and it then reached into the pond and brought out one of the Koi fish. It opened it’s wide mouth and dropped the fish in, swallowing it in one gulp.

The husband opened the window and yelled at it to leave to which it laughed and then flipped the couple off before disappearing. It returned many times to inspect the statues and eat the fish. One day the husband removed all the decorations and the fish. When it returned for it’s 3 a.m. fun it went into hysterics at the empty space and pond.

It began to scream in an unknown language and run around the outside of the house. It did this for a little while and then disappeared. It didn’t take this family long to get moved out of the house as well.

 These two families both reported their sightings and were brought together to meet and compare notes by a researcher. Their stories and descriptions of he figure and the laugh were enough to convince them that they had been in the same house and had encountered the same “Gnome”.

They decided to visit the house together to see if the current occupant had been having any sightings. When they arrived at the house they noticed that the old barn had been torn down and was gone. They knocked on the door to speak with the current tenants but were rudely and forcefully told to go away and get off the property. It’s unknown if the third set of people who were living in  the house had any interaction with the Gnome.

Without its dwelling place it had to have gone somewhere but there have been no reports of anything resembling it lately.

Was it a real life Gnome? Was it a Troll? A Leprechaun? No matter what you choose to call it I have no doubt that it was terrifying to witness.

There are other recent reports of real life “Gnomes”, a few are:

2008, General Guemes, Argentina

2013, Mexico

2014, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I was surprised at the amount of photographs and video there is on this subject from people who have claimed to have witnessed and/or interacted with these beings. While you may be quick to dismiss all of it as fake just remember that there are legends and stories told all over the world about “little people” that have supernatural abilities.

The Mohegan, Pequot, Mohawk and Iroquois tribes (and other’s I’m sure) have legends of beings such as this and that they were associated with storms and mischief.

The Scandinavian people had tales of Landvaettir (Land Spirits) and also Svartalfar (Dark Elves). They are said to be benevolent and helpful when they are respected but if they are angered or disrespected they can cause all types or problems such as serious accidents, mysterious illnesses, livestock dying,etc.

In Mexico and Central/South America they are called Duende. They are said to live in the walls, especially the walls of young children.

The sightings I refer to are just a very small portion of what’s been reported, photographed, videoed and witnessed.

I have never seen one and honestly not sure if I want too but like so many other possible beings hope they are real. It makes life so much more interesting to think that there are beings such as this just out of our sight.

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