Haldeman Mansion in Lancaster, PA to Host Two Paranormal Events in September

Fans of the paranormal in Pennsylvania will be treated to two separate events during the month of September, both surrounding the historic Haldeman Mansion in Lancaster County.

On September 16, 2017, the large estate will hot the Haldeman Mansion Paranormal Expo which will include an appearance by Mike King from the popular paranormal TV show “The Ghosts of Shepherdstown”.  Admission is $10 for the one day event which will include mansion tours, food, guest speakers, and more.

On September 30th, aka National Ghost Hunting Day, the Haldeman Mansion will once again open its doors, this time to a full scale paranormal investigation led by Faith Paranormal and Friends.  The event, currently being billed as the world’s largest ghost hunt, will stream online with ticket prices at $35.

All proceeds from both events will be used for restoration and upkeep on the famous historic site.

Reported as one of the most haunted locations in Pennsylvania, the Haldeman Mansion was originally built in the 1740s.  The property was later bought and the building expanded by John Haldeman whose son, Samuel, would go onto become one of the most respected scientists of his time.  Indeed, he was cited by Charles Darwin for his contribution to the science behind The Origin of the Species.

Today, there are reports of numerous separate spirits who roam the grounds and the large mansion including a sweetly singing kitchen maid who has a fondness for good looking men and a mysterious English woman who smells of rosewater.

For more information, you can reach out to the Haldeman Mansion management team on their website or on the location’s Facebook page.

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