Haunted Borgvattnet Vicarage, Sweden

Borgvattnet Vicarage known as one of Sweden’s most haunted houses was built in 1876 for holy men.


Per Hedlund and his wife Marta and family lived in Borgvattnet Vicarage from 1900 to 1908, making the house most famous. In 1907 Marta died giving birth to their eleventh child, Per took it very hard. He buried her body in the backyard of the priest’s house where it remained for several days until villagers appealed to him to bury her in a cemetery. He finally agreed with them however he then dug her body up, leaving the area and taking it with him.

In the early 20th century a 19 year old unmarried maid became pregnant by a priest, which was, of course, frowned upon. Once she started showing, she was locked in an enclosure in the backyard. The girl murdered her baby after it was born and buried it there.

In early 1980’s, a ghost priest named Tore Forslund, came promising to rid the house of the ghosts. His exorcism’s met with little to no success and he left within a year of arriving.


  1. The First haunting reported came in 1927 by a resident vicar, Nils Hedlund, one of Marta’s sons. He reported observing unseen hands tearing his laundry down from the clothes line where they were hanging to dry.
  2. The first floor contains the kitchen, dining room, the “pink” room and a room called “the expedition”. In the expedition room three people have reported seeing a man sitting at a table that disappeared before their eyes. The bed will show depressions as though someone is sitting on it and furniture will move on its own. The second floor contains the family room, the “gray” room, the “blue” room and the “yellow” room. Going upstairs it becomes harder to breath and you feel a slight weight on your shoulders.
  3. In the “pink room” (childbirth room), ghostly babies are heard crying. Ghostly women are heard going through labor and delivery. Reports of heavy feelings in this room are commonplace.
  4. In the “blue room” hangs a painting of a young boy. Reportedly photographs will turn out blurry of him or cameras have reported to fail near it.
  5. Upstairs the “yellow room” faces a secret room without a door. No one has ever dared try to enter the secret room as scratching noises can be heard in the walls coming from there.
  6. Inside you can hear ghostly feet stomping snow off of boots or tapping on walls or the sounds of fingers being run down the wall.
  7. Shadow people have been seen. 
  8. Deceased vicars also reportedly haunt the location.
  9. There is a mysterious rocking chair that seems to enjoy throwing people out of it.
  10. Strange ghostly images will appear in mirrors.
  11. Phantom footsteps are often heard.
  12. Paintings will fly off of the walls at will.
  13. Strange light reflections have been seen. 
  14. Phantom smells of cooking.
  15. Captured EVP’s include words spoken in English and Swedish. Electronics will fail frequently.
  16. There are reports of being grabbed or touched.
  17. Uncontrollable sadness and weeping have been experienced in certain areas of the vicarage along with horrible chills.
  18. One room contains a bed, a nightstand and a table. People have woken up to see a phantom sofa with 3 old ghostly ladies sitting on it, crying and watching them sleep and they will remain there watching you even when the lights have been turned on.


Today the house is a small café with a bed and breakfast. If you are able to spend the night, you will receive a certificate to prove you remained in the vicarage all night long.

Many famous paranormal shows have investigated this location.

Reports show that divining rods appear to be the best ghost hunting tools to use.

To get to the Vicarage:

Turn from road E45 south from Hammerdal. Drive on road 344 through the village Skyttmon until you reach signage towards Borgvattnet. The vicarage is 1 km east of the village.

*There is no website available for the vicarage and I was unable to locate contact information for this location.

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