Haunted New Orleans: Five Haunted Locations You Don’t Want to Miss in The Big Easy

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#4 The Rampart Street Murder House

Photo by Destination America

Recently featured on Paranormal Lockdown, the Rampart Street Murder House is one of the most chilling locations on the list.

In 2006, Zack Bowen committed suicide by leaping from the roof of the Omni Hotel, but it was what was revealed in his suicide note that chilled officers to the bone.  It appeared  that Zack had murdered his girlfriend, Addie Hall, and cut her corpse into pieces.  Overcome with guilt, he leapt to his death, leaving instructions on where to find her body.

Investigators went into the small apartment and found Addie’s head cooking on the stove top.  Other body parts were found in the oven and in the refrigerator as well.  Zack had spray painted his confessions and fears on the walls of the apartment revealing what can only be described as a tormented soul, but the real mystery is how these events came to play out.

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From the outside, Zack and Addie had seemed the perfect couple.  They met amid the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and were soon inseparable.  The two seemed made for one another from everything their friends and co-workers could tell.  It wasn’t until they moved into the apartment above the city’s highly respected Voodoo Spiritual Temple.  Within days of the movie, the couple began to argue and the arguments became violent.

It appears that Addie had caught Zack cheating on her, and in the midst of their final argument, Zack brought it to a bloody end, strangling Addie to death.  Shortly after, he began to dismember the body with intentions of consuming her.  This made little sense to investigators.  It is a giant leap to move from arguing to the intention of cannibalism.  It simply did not add up.

While theories abound, many think it was the location that drove Zack and Addie to their doom.  Long considered to be haunted by the spirit of a young slave boy, the house on Rampart Street was also, as previously mentioned, the home to a famed voodoo temple.  While there is nothing inherently evil about voodoo, it is a highly spiritual practice involving a variety of methods for communing with the dead.  If Zack were psychically sensitive the spiritual activity could have been quite maddening, especially if he had never learned to control those gifts.

We may never know the full story of what happened on Rampart Street that night, but it seems that in the wake of the tragedy, two more spirits have been added to the property.  In the “Paranormal Lockdown” episode, both spirits were present and while Zack seemed sad and confused, Addie was full of rage at her untimely death.

#5 The Gardette-LaPrete Mansion

Some locations are haunted because of events that took place there.  Others are haunted because people have put so much belief into it that an energy builds around them causing phenomena akin to residual hauntings.  Such is the case of the Gardette-LaPrete Mansion.

Once the home of wealthy dentist, Joseph Goulden Gardette, the beautiful mansion was a highlight of New Orleans society.  When Gardette fell on hard financial times, he chose to rent the property out as a source of income.  Here’s where the “story” gets interesting.

It was the late 1800s and Gardette rented out the property to the brother of a Turkish Sultan.  The man began to throw lavish parties that went on into all hours of the night.  It was not unheard of for the noise of their revelry to last until the wee hours of the morning.  It was at one of these lavish parties that a horrific tragedy struck.

It seems a passerby was strolling by the home one morning and noticed what appeared to be blood running like a small stream from under the front door of the mansion.  Authorities were alerted and upon entering, they found that every single guest had been brutally murdered by unknown assailants.  Further investigation led to the discovery of the Sultan’s brother buried alive in the back yard.  The massacre was one of the worst in the city’s history except for one thing…there’s no proof that it actually ever happened.

In fact there’s no actual mention of a massacre on the location until almost 40 years later.  Yet, for decades local residents have recounted the tale as fact and it appears that all of that storytelling has manifested some sort of energy within the location.  Residents have reported seeing apparitions of the Sultan’s brother roaming the halls and reports of phantom party music and the laughter of women are still prevalent.

And so, it seems, regardless of actual history, the Gardette-LaPrete Mansion has become a haunted home with a sordid past even if that past is based solely in fiction.

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  1. Never Staying at the French Quarter Best Western Again

    March 26, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    My husband and I stayed at the French Quarter Best Western several years ago, on North Rampart Street, one block from the tragedy on Rampart Street. We had no knowledge of this event, only that the community was still healing from the recent Katrina damage. On our first night at the Best Western, we had an uncomfortable experience. My husband saw “something” very visible that flew out of the full length mirror in our room in the middle of the night, and it swooped around the room and zoomed into a mirror around a corner. I didn’t see it, but I did feel weird about the mirror prior to going to sleep, and I attributed this to the fact that it was right at the foot of the bed. No one wants to wake up in the night in a strange place and see their own reflection immediately whilst getting out of bed. I was asleep when my husband saw the ‘thing,’ which was was fairly disturbing and unnerving for him, so he took a blanket and covered up the full length mirror. When I woke up and saw that he’d covered the mirror, he explained why. I thanked him and we decided we’d go ahead and keep it covered the duration of our stay. This alone was pretty freaky, considering we were in a circa 1970’s/80’s hotel building and were not expecting or looking for anything paranormal. Later that night, after he’d covered the mirror, my husband, in his twilight sleep, you know – when you’re not quite asleep but not quite awake either, could see a man running around the room with what appeared to be a lasso made of bloody, bodily entrails, whipping them around and hissing, “KILL her. KILL her,” over and over. My husband did not inform me of this ‘dream/vision” until we left for home, not wanting to further freak me out. We were in the room for a week. I never experienced anything else there, nor did my husband, after that first night, but he was very concerned he would. After he told me of the dream, I looked up violent crimes on North Rampart Street, not knowing what stood on the hotel property in the past, and wondering if I’d find some answer to what we’d experienced. Imagine my surprise to read of the story of Zach and Addie, only a block away on the same street. I don’t know if our bizarro experience was connected to this particular tragedy, or if there is ‘something’ in the region that attempts to influence men to kill their wives, that Zach may have, in a weakened condition due to PTSD and alcohol/drugs, or what. At any rate, it was creepy to hear my husband tell me of his experience, and creepier still to read of the Zach and Addie tragedy.

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