South Dakota is located in the mid-western region of the United States. It is a place of immense beauty, from the awe-inspiring (and very spiritual) Black Hills to the Badlands. Many dinosaur bones have been discovered there, however not as many as perhaps the neighboring states. If you go to Hot Springs, make sure you visit the Mammoth site.

Mammoth site is an active archaeological dig. It was discovered by a construction crew in 1974 when, while digging, they found a mass gravesite. To date, they have discovered 61 complete Columbian Mammoth skeletons as well as three Woolly Mammoths. A building was constructed over the site to keep the site not only safe from nature but keep the dig going year round.

Scientists say a large sinkhole formed here, then filled with water from a hot spring, creating a sort of vegetated oasis, luring the mammoths to their death.

Not only were mammoths found but they also discovered a giant, short-faced bear, one of the largest bear species ever known. It weighed over 1,200 pounds and stood over 15 feet tall. Bears, wolves, and other carnivores were located inside this sinkhole.

South Dakota is a popular tourist state, all year round. Much like anywhere else though, it does have its share of paranormal activity. Let’s delve into some of the haunted locations in that state.



Deadwood is an old city that is on the National Historic Register. It is also one of the most haunted towns in South Dakota. The gold rush of 1876 drew in Wild Bill Hickok (this is where he was murdered), and Calamity Jane, among others.

The major consensus is that the most haunted location in the haunted town may be the Bullock Hotel.


The building is said to be haunted by its namesake, Seth Bullock. He was the first sheriff of Deadwood. He, however, isn’t the only spirit haunting the location. The basement is the most active area with staff reporting the piano playing on its own. Glasses and dishes are also frequently thrown around the place.

There have also been reports of feeling a strong paranormal presence inside several rooms and hallways of the second and third floors, as well as in the restaurant and “Seth’s Cellar”.

Some have reported actually seeing the tall ghostly figure of Seth Bullock in various areas of the hotel. He has been known to increase activity if staff members stand idle, whistle or hum.

Lights and appliances will turn on and off by themselves. Items move by unseen hands. Showers turn on and off by their own accord. Electric and battery operated items malfunction for no reason.

Guests have even reported hearing their names being called out by an unseen male (voice) and being tapped on the shoulder by unseen hands. Reports of sounds of footsteps in the hall when no one is there are common.

Photographs have produced strange anomalies here. Misty figures are seen in rooms and hallways, and even an antique clock (that has not worked in years) will chime on its own accord.

As far as the cellar goes, a cowboy figure in silhouette has often been seen.


Located on North Phillips Avenue, the theater holds 686 seats. It dates back to 1913 and has been rumored to have a resident ghost that they nicknamed “Larry”. The angry spirit was first seen around the mid-1950’s. He has been known to blow fuses and drop sandbags onto living actors.

Items will appear and disappear at random. A shadow man will also manifest in photographs. It is claimed to be “Larry”.

Supposedly a technical director heard a loud noise behind him. He turned to locate an old tin photograph of a bearded man on the ground. No one knew who the man in the photo was. It wasn’t long after that, the photo disappeared. It is believed it was of “Larry”, who was an actor that committed suicide. He was in despair for failing to land the part of Romeo in a production in the theater.


Mount Rushmore Brewing Company was once a restaurant, but it now houses a Harley Davidson store. In the past, it was also a funeral home, as well as a crematorium.

Employees see objects inexplicably moving around by themselves and hear unexplained noises (especially in the basement, where remaining parts of the cremation furnace are stored).

When the location had pool tables, pool balls could be seen and heard moving when no one was around the tables.

Do you have any stories of any paranormal occurrences that you have experienced while in South Dakota? Please share your story as a comment below this article. Thank you!

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