These Haunted/Cursed Objects are Terrifying!

We’ve all heard the stories.  Don’t pick up that doll, it’s haunted.  Don’t wear that necklace, it’s cursed.  Most of these stories are just fairy tales and legends we tell each other to for a shared fright.  But…from time to time, investigators and historians have discovered cursed objects that aren’t so easily written off as stories.

The objects on this list may look innocent enough, but most of them bear a history of sickness, tragedy, and death.  Buyer beware takes on a whole new meaning when that stand lamp might strangle you in the middle of the night!

Take a look at the list below and let us know any that we might have missed!

#1  The Conjure Chest

Jacob Cooley, a slave owner in antebellum Kentucky, wanted a chest made for his new child, which he assumed would be a son.  He told his slave, Hosea, what he wanted and Hosea set to work.  Upon its completion, however, Cooley decided the chest wasn’t what he asked for and in a rage, he beat Hosea to death.  The other slaves on Cooley’s plantation were so angered by his act of cruelty that they convinced their conjure man to place a death curse on the chest of drawers which Cooley had gifted to his son despite his insistence that it was not what he wanted.  Cooley’s firstborn son was the first to die of the curse, followed by his second born son.  It is reported that a full 16 members and descendants of Cooley’s family have died from the cursed chest which now resides in a museum in Kentucky.

#2 The Women from Lemb Statue

Limestone female figurine; Lemba Lakkous; 3000-2500 B.C.

It took less than 120 years for this statue, which was unearthed in 1878 in the village of Lemb, to kill its way across Europe.  In fact, while it was originally called “The Women from Lemb”, it has taken on the much more sinister name of “Goddess of Death”.  Entire families fell to the power of this dark Goddess and yet she would somehow find her way into another home with another victim pool waiting to be picked off one at a time.  That is, until the two sons left behind after Sir Alan Biverbrook, his wife, and his two daughters all died decided to donate the statue to a museum.  It’s sat behind thick glass for many years without further kills and it is believed that is only because no one has been able to physically touch it in that time.

#3 The Busby Stoop Chair

It’s said that in 1702 Thomas Busby killed his father-in-law for sitting in his chair.  Busby was then hanged for the crime, and so the story goes, anyone who sits in the fateful chair since that time has died in accidents.  As a matter of fact, some believe that the chair has been responsible for 63 death in the years that have passed since that long ago murder.  Today, it resides in a museum mounted on a wall high above the floor so that some brave soul doesn’t test the theory!

#4 Letta the Romani Doll

Move over Annabelle and Robert the Doll!  Letta was made by a Romani man for his son.  Unfortunately, the boy drowned shortly after receiving it.  It wasn’t long before strange things began happening around the doll and the Romani man and his family became convinced that his dead son had possessed it.  Among other claims about the doll, it is said to have a human pulse and causes rain when taken outside.  Letta makes people feel a heavy grief when they come in contact with her.  She also seems to compel people to keep her nearby.  Creepy!

#5  Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Long ago, Anna Baker bought a dress in preparation for her wedding.  Her father didn’t approve of her fiance, however, and ended up sending the man away.  Poor Anna never married and died a spinster in 1914.  She’d kept her dress all those years and people found after her death that the dress would often move on its own.  As a matter of fact, workers at the Baker Mansion Museum report to this day that they have witnessed the dress’ arms move as if dancing!


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