A Highway Through Hell, Or Road Of Twisted Tales

In every state across our great land, our good people have always had good ghost stories of their secondary roads. They have their own versions of haunted happenings on roadways throughout North America. Ghastly stories are told of everything from flying monsters to Black eyed children. The stories are told time and time again, with each story being just a little different than the one before.

There’s one road, however, that stands out just a bit from the others. It has received national attention as one of the most haunted roads in North America. Let’s take a trip on Clinton Road in New Jersey and see what some people have claimed to see. We will look into some of these stories and see if Clinton Road is indeed a highway through Hell or simply a road of twisted tales. You the reader, can be the judge.

One of the most sighted entities on this road is the figure of a ghost boy that is under the bridge near a turn called Dead Man’s Curve. He supposedly drowned in these waters, but no one knows when.  It’s reported that if you throw coins into the water, he throws them back at you. It’s also said if you get too close, he may actually grab you by the legs and take you with him. He supposedly has been seen by many people and is one of the most talked about specters on this road. Is this an actual truth? I don’t know but I have this on my list to investigate.

This 9 mile stretch of road is about an hour from New York City, and yet it is often compared to being in another part of the world. A desolate spot where you see nothing but a haunting forest of trees and underbrush. This is a perfect spot where it has also been rumored that Satanists have practiced their unholy rituals, and sacrifices are said to have went on in these woods, and still may be happening. Cannibalistic people that are just waiting to take a bite of anyone who may want to stop long enough to investigate the allegations. Have people or animals actually gone missing on this road? This town isn’t talking.

Winged creatures also inhabit this stretch of land, according to local legend, waiting to swoop down on you if you decide to get out of your car. Their skin is transparent so their organs are present for you to see. This may be a Jersey Devil for all we know, or quite even possibly an extra terrestrial. I’m sure if there’s one, there are many.

If you happen to see someone or even a set of children walking on Clinton Road, it would be best not to stop an inquire as to where they may be heading or if they need a ride. Ghostly figures of both men and women seem to be seen around every turn in this winding road. Black eyed children are rumored to have wandered this stretch of road as well, waiting to get a lift from you. I wouldn’t look into their eyes if you encounter them though.

All in all this road has everything to instill fear into the heart. It has National acclaim as one of the most haunted roads around. There are YouTube videos of this road, as well as widespread media coverage. There are still many unanswered questions as to whether this road is in fact haunted and plagued by all these said creatures and spirits. I feel that there’s always some truth mixed into myth, so I am willing to bet if a person were to travel this roadway at night, they may see something they’ve never seen before.

But will it be paranormal or monster related? I certainly hope so!

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