The History and Paranormal Techniques of the Herb Sage

The plant Sage is a well known herb that shows up in different forms throughout the world. It is used for a variety of things. Some people use sage for health benefits, mental disorders, and of course, even as a spice in certain foods. Even though it has all of these uses, it is most known in another field, one that uses sage tremendously.

Sage is used in the paranormal field by going throughout a location and burning it, which cleanses the area or people of any negative energy. Sage is one of the most useful tools to help get rid of unwanted spirits, demons, or negativity. It stops the problems that emerge from the paranormal before they get out of hand. Even though most know how vital it is to the paranormal field, most do not know where the method of burning sage originated from.

The ritual of sage burning today is most recognized in Native America culture, but different groups of people use the herb burning method as well. They use sage because it is the purest form of cleansing something or someone. Sage burning goes back as far as the ancient Druids of Ireland, who used it not only for its medical purposes, but its spiritual healing properties as well.

People burn different types of sage, and they can tell if the sage has cleansed the person or object by the smoke. The smoke starts out white or grey, and turns black once it hits a room or a person with darkness attached to it. The best kind of sage to use is white sage, but sage in all forms is good to use for cleansing. When you cleanse with sage, it gives you empowerment, knowing that you were able to rid yourself of something that makes you uneasy by yourself.

Sage comes from the culture of the Native Americans, who used it in a lot of their rituals and ceremonies to ensure no negative energy would be present within them. Sage was a valued herb in their culture, and still is. They also used it as an incense to make the area smell nice and feel refreshed. Another use for sage they had was as a medical herb to help ease the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical pains of fellow tribe members.

Modern uses of sage in the paranormal field include being used in exorcisms, cleansing spaces, cleansing people, protecting the sage burner, and even soothing the body in a negative or pained state. Investigators use it sometimes before they enter a place to make sure no one on the team gets harmed or to ease the atmosphere. Investigators also use it to exorcise a person who is possessed. They use it to exorcise because it weakens the entity and gives them the chance to overpower the harmful energy within the person or house. This gives them time to free the person or property without as much resistance or struggle.

Overall, sage is something I recommend as an essential item for all paranormal investigators. Whether you need to heal a wound, help ease an environment, or even take the power out of a possession, sage will be a massive aid. The best place to find sage is at your local occult shop, or you could even grow it yourself. Some places online also sell the herb.  Sage can be bought in smudge sticks as well, which are a great help for easy use. This technique of the paranormal just proves that plants have a big impact on our spiritual lives and influences. It’s obvious that sage can save a life, and help free it from the negative and the malice.

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