iHorror and Brooksville PIT Want to Investigate Paranormal Activity in Your Home or Business

Paranormal Activity.  For some people it’s just a movie.  For others, it’s a daily occurrence.

Some of the activity is playful, but for others, life has become a living hell.  Many of this second group suffer in silence for years because they don’t know their options.  They don’t know anyone who can handle what is going on in their home or causing disturbances in their businesses.

If what I’m describing sounds familiar to you, then I just might have a solution.

The Brooksville PIT in association with iHorror.com are actively searching for new locations to investigate for their Paranormal Investigating DVD that is scheduled for release in the coming year.  These locations can include homes and business, but the group is also very interested in abandoned properties where paranormal activity is believed to have occurred.

Brooksville PIT and iHorror are dedicated to not only investigations, but also to offering aid, where they can, with cleansing a location of whatever might be causing disturbances.  The best part is that it is all done with no cost to the client.  That’s right.  It’s completely free!

If you’d like to contact the group, please email our site owner Anthony at anthony@paranormalinvestigating.com.

When you contact us, please include photos of the location, stories, and descriptions of the kind of activity you are experiencing.  While the team is happy to help where they can, please understand that they cannot accept all requests.  By emailing Anthony, you agree to have your location filmed and used on the DVD.

You can go to the Brooksville PIT website to learn more about their investigation techniques and find images, audio, and video of some of their past investigations.

Brooksville PIT and iHorror look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, to helping get to the bottom of the paranormal activity you are experiencing.

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