Investigator Spotlight: Brooksville PIT

Every paranormal investigator has their own story and their own reason for delving into the realm of the unseen.  Though the path always leads to proof, the starting points differ widely and the methods for reaching proof can vary greatly.  The Brooksville PIT (Paranormal Investigation Team) is no exception.

They have their reasons; they have their methods, and they’re on the search for proof that something beyond our world exists.

Founded in 2013 by childhood friends Jesse Lisk and Kraig Broshears, the Brooksville PIT began investigating locations in their hometown of Brooksville, FL.  They began in the cemeteries but their thirst for knowledge and their dedication to using scientific methods to approach investigation quickly expanded their reach.  They believed, from the beginning, that there are both good and evil spirits with a host of purposes, but they wanted to get to the bottom of why certain types of spirits seem to be drawn to certain people.

In order to learn more, they began offering free investigations and house cleansings which opened countless doors to the team, but also gave the Brooksville PIT a new purpose.

“It’s very satisfying to help a stranger in need while also helping the spirit,”  Lisk told me.

In 2014, they began hosting ghost tours at the May-Stringer House in Brooksville.  In that time, they investigated and encountered a variety of different entities within the home while simultaneously educating the public about what they do and how they do it.

In 2016, Angela joined their group.  She had been working with the online horror fanzine, iHorror, and it wasn’t long before Brooksville PIT had teamed up with iHorror to do a series of investigations which will be released on DVD in 2017.

Yet, through it all, they have remained dedicated to the purpose at hand.  To learn, to investigate, to find proof and truth of what lies beyond the veil.

If you’d like to know more about the Brooksville PIT, check out their website here and you can also follow them on Facebook.  I’ve also included a video of one of their investigations below.

Be sure to check them out, and if you live in the Brooksville, FL area and suspect your home might be haunted, contact them today!

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