Investigator Spotlight: Buried Alive Paranormal Productions

A little over a year ago, Christie Williams and Jeremy Kurland discovered they shared a passion for the paranormal.  The pair had been friends for some time, but the topic had never come up before.  The two spent hours discussing the topic and their mutual desire to know more, see more, experience more, and before long, they decided to put Christie’s degree in film production to good use and form their very own paranormal investigation team.

That was the day that Buried Alive Paranormal Productions was born.

Since that time, they have worked hard at producing their own paranormal programming with a commitment to presenting 100% factual evidence from their investigations.  Along the way, they’ve also added to their group membership with Jeremy’s brother-in-law, Devan Carr, and another mutual friend, Curt Peterson, joining the group.

They haven’t stopped there, however.  BAPP regularly invites skeptics or those unsure about the paranormal along on their investigations to further educate and share their experiences.

The group is currently planning an expedition to the storied Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky.  This historic location is recognized as one of the most haunted places in the U.S., and the group is anxious to see what kind of evidence they can gather at a location that has sent more than one group running for the hills.

It isn’t all historic locations for BAPP, however.  They have a strong commitment to home investigations, as well.

“We genuinely care about people and trying to help those in need,”  Williams says.  “This is why we do home investigations.  We have helped ease the minds of several home owners.”

Williams also points out that their commitment to honest reporting of evidence comes as a direct relation to so many of the often outrageous and overplayed paranormal reality shows we see on various networks.  There are no scripts here, no faked reactions, and no actors.

To find out more about Buried Alive Paranormal Productions, you can follow the group on Facebook, check out their website, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.  You can also check out one of their episodes below!

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