Investigator Spotlight: Spirits Seekers

Paranormal investigation is constantly growing and evolving, incorporating new techniques and practices to gather evidence, and of late, becoming much more inclusive in parts of the world.  Many groups are expanding their investigations to include first timers and amateurs who have never been on an investigation before but have a burning desire to try.  Spirit Seekers is just such a group and they’d love for you to join them in their paranormal adventures.

Located in the Northeastern corner of England, Spirit Seekers was established in 2008.  Since their formation, they have taken countless groups to various notably haunted locations in the North of England and Cumbria including the storied Chillingham Castle which has been featured on numerous paranormal investigations shows and is considered one of the most haunted locations in all of Europe.

Scenes from the Spirit Seekers investigation at Chillingham Castle

The six member team at Spirit Seekers believes that experience combined with education on the subject of paranormal investigation is key.  They encourage those who join their events to bring their own cameras, voice recorders, etc. and to embrace the experience of investigation regardless of how much or how little happens.

From their website:

However much we try unfortunately we can’t guarantee that members of the spirit world will make their presence known but we can at least guarantee that you will experience a fun and interesting night.

Spirit Seekers currently lists 20 upcoming events on their website with a promise of more to be added soon.  If you’re in North-East England and you’re looking for an authentic paranormal experience, feel free to reach out to Spirit Seekers via their website or Facebook page!

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