Investigator Spotlight: SS TEAM Paranormal

Back in 2015, Christopher Leonard was researching supposedly haunted sites in his little corner of NE Pennsylvania.  The more he saw, the more it excited him and he wondered what it would be like to visit some of these locations on his own to see what kind of evidence he could gather.  He knew that two of his friends, Jose Cruz and Michael Schlottfield, had more than a passing interest in the paranormal, as well, and he started a conversation that would soon lead to the formation of Spirit Seekers Team Paranormal.

The trio is passionate about investigating, and they do their best to stay on top of the latest equipment to get the very best results possible.  Most recently, they have been using the new Ovilus 5 ITC device.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ITC stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication.  Essentially, they work in a similar fashion to the Spirit Box.  The Ovilus 5 platform, according to the manufacturer’s description “converts environmental readings into words”.  It is an interesting device that SS Team has found to yield positive results.

Leonard gets excited when the metaphysical manipulates the physical world in some way.  He talks about seeing batteries suddenly drained of power and spikes on his Mel Meter with the joy only those in the business of investigation can appreciate.

Until now, they have only investigated in their own corner of NE Pennsylvania, but Leonard says the team is ready to begin branching out.  If you’d like to know more about Christopher, Jose, and Michael, you can find them on the SS Team Paranormal Facebook page.  They’re a super friendly group of people and you’ll find photos and videos from their various investigations there.

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