A dark hallway, like every other hallway you’ve walked tonight.  Paranormal activity is supposed to be rampant in this location.  Full body apparitions, cold spots, phantom voices, and EVPs have all been reported, but you and your team have been here for hours with only the smallest amount of evidence gathered.  You turn a corner and face yet another hallway, but this one feels different.

It is…colder.  The light flickers on your flashlight and suddenly goes out as simultaneously the EMF detector in your hand spikes and you notice that, while no one is talking, the light is flashing on your digital voice recorder as it records a voice you cannot here.

Somewhere, just beyond your ability to see, you have been joined by someone or something else.

For some this sounds like the beginning of a horror film; for others, a great adventure.  If you’ve found our site, it’s almost certain you’re a part of that second group.

We are the curious and the courageous.  The few who are not afraid to reach beyond our own reality to brush against the veil that separates us from the world beyond.  We’re dedicated to bringing you news on the latest tech, pointers for the best investigation techniques, video and photo evidence of the paranormal, spotlights on leaders in the field, and so much more.

Whether your interests lie in ghosts, demons, angels, cryptids, aliens, or any combination, this site was made for you.

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