It Came from Outer Space: Some of the Best UFO Footage Ever Captured

Once upon a time, I would lie on my back and look up at the stars at night wondering if anyone else was out there. From a very early age it seemed completely elitist to me to think that the citizens of Earth could be the only inhabitants of this great and expansive universe. I would scan the skies looking for a UFO or other signs that perhaps we weren’t alone.

As I grew older, my search deepened. I was fascinated by shows like “The X-Files” and I readily looked into every source available to me to find out more about who those other beings might be.

Unfortunately, this was long before the days of YouTube, so video evidence was harder to come by. It’s 2018, however, and that’s just not true anymore. Every year, hundreds of videos are uploaded online of unidentified aircraft with posters posing questions about what they are seeing.

Take a look at some of these clips and compilations below and let us know what you think in the comments. Are we alone in the Universe? If not, then what might those other inhabitants be like? And more importantly, have they been here before and how often do they return?

UFO Sightings in Colorado

This first video comes to us from the secureteam10 YouTube channel. It involves a strange object flying over Denver, CO. Now, some have questioned whether it might be a test run by the Denver Tech School that is mentioned in the video, but others point out that Denver is a place that has had numerous sightings. Take a look at the video.

The video then goes on to other sightings, all of which are fascinating!

Still Images from around the world

This video compilation of still images of UFO sightings was put together by list25 on YouTube. There are some really interesting images here!

UFO Sightings from ThirdPhaseofMoon

These four sightings were brought to us from ThirdPhaseofMoon. They take the time to analyze what they’re seeing, discussing the possibility of military crafts vs. possible alien structures.

UFO Compilation from Top5AllTime

This video is really amazing with a variety of different types of craft. Take a look and see what you think. I’m especially curious about that beautiful cobalt blue phenomena!

Navy Pilots Witness UFO

This final video cause quite a stir when it was first released. Two Navy pilots discuss in detail what they’re seeing and the fact that they cannot identify the structure on their screens. It’s exciting and a little unnerving. Take a look!


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