Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Ah, Christmas, the time of year where we feel all fuzzy, warm, and content with the world around us. It is a time where families and friends all get together to make merry and be able to enjoy each others company. Christmas represents many things for many different people. We experience many emotions around this time of year as well, from peace and love, to hope and inner warmth. We have many things to look forward to, like making little gingerbread men that give our little gingerbread houses a delightful atmosphere, dazzling Christmas lights that sparkle and shine, filling our eyes with colors of all varieties, and most importantly, the famous Santa Claus, who lavishes every boy and girl with gifts that they have been waiting for all year long.

Yes, Christmas is a time of joy, but there is one thing that Christmas has that scares little children, especially the ones that misbehave and disobey their parents all year long. This thing is simply called Krampus.

Krampus is a creature of folklore that, unlike Santa who gives the good children presents, punishes the bad children, giving them pain. He has been nicknamed appropriately, the “Christmas Devil” and the “Giddy Child Murderer”. Krampus uses many forms of torture to punish these children, and sometimes even murders them to get his point across. His point is that you should not misbehave and that you should not disobey.

Krampus himself has gained a physical appearance over the past couple of decades from people learning more about him. He is known to be part goat and part demon, which is not even the part that scares people the most! Krampus has dark fur, stands at an overwhelming height, has sharp fangs, a long, forked tongue, horns on his head, cloven hooves on his feet, and a long tail that is similar to the tail of the Devil. These features have gotten him mistaken for the Ruler of Hell on a few occasions. Although his features alone are horrifying, Krampus has his true horror awaken in his work of punishing naughty children that did not make the nice list for Santa.

Krampus has many ways of punishing the children that do wrong all year long. The most popular way he supposedly tortures his young victims is by whipping them with his bundle of birch. This birch hurts worse than a stick, and can leave severe red marks on their skin, blistering the area and making the children wail out in pain. Krampus also has other methods that include, but are not limited to, yanking on ponytails, sending young children to the Land of Fire, yanking harshly at their ears, and chaining them up with heavy shackles.

Krampus is a true horror to experience, but it is interesting to hear that his folklore has been around for thousands of years. His story is so ancient, people are unsure of the true origin of the half goat-half demon, but it most likely started in the countries of Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Bavaria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic, where he is still very popular today.

In 2015, the anti-Claus gained even more popularity when a movie, appropriately called Krampus, came out on the big screen. It was a hit, and people have been asking about, and even pleading, for a sequel.

In all of the nations that the folklore of Krampus could have possibly started in celebrations are held called Krampusfest. It is a time for waiting on Krampus, drinking, eating, dancing, and music. It is a hardcore festival that would probably scar your children for life, but doesn’t the tale of Krampus already do that anyway?

As you can see here, Krampus has been around and has gotten very noticed over the last couple of years. Even though he seems bad, don’t you think it is a fitting situation? Every good thing needs its bad thing, does it not? Well, Santa’s dark side is not within him, but rides shotgun next to him, beating and torturing little children all over into well-behaved ones. He is Santa’s shadow, whipping a bundle of birch against his hand, just waiting for Santa to stop at a house on the naughty list. He is Krampus, the Devil of Christmas.

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