Lizzie Borden Took An Axe….. Or Did She?

The morning of August 4th, 1892 was like any other for most people in Fall River, Massachusetts. They were going to work, paying their bills, going to school, doing laundry and taking care of children. If you can imagine with your mind a warm sunny day, a slight breeze. Birds are singing, and dogs barking in the distance. Life was going on as planned for most folks in this town, except the Borden family. Their lives were turned upside down that day, and to this day what really happened remains a mystery. Did Lizzie Borden use an axe on her father and step mother, or was she a scapegoat for someone else?


Born in 1860, Lizzie was the youngest of The Borden children. She had an older sister Emma, and they were very close. Emma was protective of Lizzie, possibly trying to take the place of their mother who passed away when Lizzie was very young. Andrew Borden married three years after her death to Abbey Dufree Gray. They were well to do around those parts, and Andrew was a prominent member of society. That particular morning Andrew Borden came home to find the door locked.  The housekeeper had to let him in saying that Lizzie or Abbey may have locked it. Tired, he went in to read the paper and fell asleep on the sofa. Abbey was upstairs making their bed and tidying up.

What followed was nothing short of a bloodbath. With police reports we can piece together that both Abbey and Andrew Borden were murdered with an axe. We can assume Abbey was already dead when Andrew came home because the noise would have woke him up. Lizzie alerted Bridget who was their maid of Andrew’s body on the sofa. When police arrived, they also discovered the body of Abbey Borden upstairs dead on the floor. Lizzie was automatically suspected, but she was not immediately charged. She would, however, later be charged with first degree murder of her father and step mother but acquitted in 1893 due to insufficient evidence and testimony from several people.


What many people don’t realize until you have been to the Lizzie Borden house is how the girls were treated in the home, and how small Lizzie actually was. They were abused by their stepmother, and made into slaves by their father.

I managed to spent the night in the home this past year, and after investigating and being in the home first hand where this crime scene took place, I am not convinced that she was the murderer. Too many unanswered questions revolve around this mystery and may never be solved. A little known fact about this property: before it was purchased by Andrew Borden, it was the murder scene of two small children at the hands of their mother. Was Lizzie pushed into this murder by a psychotic spirit? Was a man involved in this scheme?

Once released from prison, Lizzie and her sister lived out the rest of their days in Fall River. They never left. They bought a large house and lived amongst all the whispers from the people there. This murder may never be solved, but the legend remains strong. There has been 2 movies made about the Borden family, and she is more popular now than she ever was back in the day. A part of me feels she did not swing the axe that killed her parents. The vibes I got in that home tells me there was someone else involved. This may truly be an unsolvable mystery.



  1. Joanne

    March 4, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    I’ve been there twice and I still think she didn’t do it. I think their guest may have. His alibi was almost too solid. He was able to give the name of his trolley driver as well as some of the people on the trolley as well, yet he was a visitor to the Borden home, not a local.

    • Serena Futch

      March 8, 2017 at 10:27 am

      The vibes I got when I was there, from the moment I walked in the door, to the time I left the next day, I had the same feeling. She didn’t swing that axe. My goal is to go back again after some time has passed, and investigate that house once more.

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