Memorial Day Hauntings: A Tribute To Our Heroes

As Memorial Day arrives, we want to honor our fallen heroes. The men and women who gave their lives so that we could live ours. This article will give homage to those that have fallen by discussing some Veteran hauntings from some different places. So many places today boast of hauntings. This is my tribute for Memorial Day. Sit with me for a short spell as we look into Memorial Day Hauntings: A Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes.



Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Home to the beginning of why we celebrate the lives of these honored Veterans. This place was home to a very bloody battle that involved the North and South of the United States. It is also home to a myriad of ghosts, lost souls, and specters who are still trying to get home to their loved ones. The tightness you feel in your chest while your there, and the helplessness you feel knowing you cannot help these souls is very heart breaking.

A walk through any part of the battlefield may not only allow you to  hear or see a part of history being replayed in front of your very eyes, but will also leave you with a very somber feeling as you are leaving. The first civilian killed in the Civil War was a young woman named Jenny Wade. Her home is still standing, and you can go through her house and see the hole from the bullet that took her life. The Gettysburg National Cemetery is also here. This cemetery a reported hauntings and EVP throughout the grounds.


Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg Maryland was also host to The Civil War. This place is also recorded as having the single bloodiest day battle in our history. Over 5,000 died in just one day, while a recorded 23,000 died in total. This battlefield can also be visited, and the history as well as hauntings are plentiful here.

A man’s home was taken over during this battle and made into a hospital to care for the dying and wounded. The Ro0ulette Home is the name of this place, and can be found along the trail called Bloody Way. This is the trail that left over 5,00 dead or injured in a single day. A lot of lives once again lost in a battle that will play forever though our minds as well as the restless ones that reside there forever.

The Veteran’s Hospital in Butler County Pennsylvania is host to some restless Veteran’s. There have been several accounts of food being thrown, figures being seen, and voices shouting or crying.  The tuberculosis ward of this hospital was shut down in 2013, and a new place was built onto this building. If you for one minute would stop and think of how frustrating a spirit may feel, being trapped in a time that may have been the worst moment of their lives, it is rather disheartening.

Point Lookout Lighthouse near Scotland Maryland is home to some 4,000 veteran’s who were buried in the swampy marshes there. This area housed over 50,000 soldier’s at one time. There is a war memorial cemetery there but is actually a mass grave site where these people were all put together. There have been shouts begging people for help to be saved from the watery graves, to gunfire and horns blowing.

These are just a few of the many places around our great land that have reported hauntings. I could write a very long paper on this subject, but just wanted to show you a few of the famous, and not so famous places. There is no amount of gratitude that would be enough to pay these men and women who fought for our freedom in one way or another. The sadness and loss of life these places have witnessed all over the Earth, paved the way and still continues to pave that way of freedom for us all. Take the time to stop and be thankful to those that gave their lives for us this weekend. You never know, you just may be answered back!

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