Mirrors, More Than Meets The Eye?

Written by Kelly Wilson

I believe it would be safe to say that every house has between 4 and 10 mirrors in it and that these mirrors get used frequently. We (as a people) dress, groom, rehearse and any number of things in front of our mirrors and never give it a second thought, but what if there is more to them than just reflections. What if mirrors are much more than just something to indulge our vanity?

Mirrors have been traced back to around 6000 B.C.E. to the area of Anatolia, Turkey. People would take stone such as Obsidian and polish it to a high sheen to be able to see their reflection. People became fascinated by this ability and it was only a matter of time before someone attached the supernatural to it in some way or another.

Mirrors have been used in books, movies and television shows with supernatural intent for almost as long as these mediums have been around. Alice went through the Looking glass, Constantine tried to prevent demons from coming through to this world with a mirror, the Winchester Brothers have fought against evil trapped in mirrors and there are many, many more instances (personally one of my favorites is the movie Oculus). One of the most famous Urban legends around the world is the one of Bloody Mary, it is performed using a mirror and calling her name, the list goes on and on.

Why does such an innocuous object seem to inspire such strange or dreadful imaginings?

For centuries people have used mirrors and other reflective surfaces to try to look into the future or to locate missing items or people. Fortune tellers are famous for their use of crystal balls and of scrying (foretelling coming future events) but the use of mirrors seems to be something a little different than simply seeing the possible outcome of a person. Mirrors seem to be able to become an actual open portal that can be passed through by entities from the Spirit world or other dimensions and not just visions. If used incorrectly they are believed to be able to allow manifestations in our physical world and this threat has been taken very seriously by many cultures for a very long time.

Most everyone is familiar with the superstition of 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror, even people who are not superstitious will recite the threat, usually as a joke or a taunt. The origins of this legend comes from the old belief that the reflection in the mirror is actually your soul projecting out of your body to look at yourself. When you break the mirror you fracture and cause hurt to the soul and as punishment it causes you 7 years of bad luck.

Mirrors are said to retain some of the energy of the person (people) that use it frequently or maybe even nearby. Some cultures will cover or turn mirrors to face the wall when someone is dying so that their spirit can’t get trapped by it when the person dies. This energy goes with the mirror when it is relocated no matter how far away it travels from it’s original location. Older, antique mirrors are said to be especially attractive to spirits or energy and that bringing in an older mirror can possibly bring decades or even centuries worth of spirits or energy with it. The attractiveness is said to come from the silver backing that was once used, it’s a bit long and scientific for me to describe here. If you decide you do want to add an older mirror to your home there are ways to cleanse it. One way is to wash it thoroughly with salt water, another is to hang or draw religious protective symbols behind the mirror.

The most common occurrences that are reported are seeing forms or faces in the mirror of entities that aren’t in the room and at times people report seeing strange mists in the mirror and/or in the room itself. Mirrors that have a solid backing piece are said to possibly become actual portals for Spirits or other dimensional beings to enter into this world through. Some people want to interact with Spirits and will darken the room and light a single candle, sitting it about 6 inches in front of the mirror and then wait, Spirits are said to come. If you are seeing images at night and you don’t want to then cover it with a white cloth to prevent the Spirits from using it.

Some of the Spirits that come through can be malevolent and even dangerous. Ouija boards are popular and it’s a common belief that Spirits come through the board but that may not be the case. Some people believe that the board is just a medium of conversation and that when Spirits (good or bad) come into this world they are actually using a nearby mirror. It’s a growing belief that all mirrors should be removed from a room when using a board or choose a room that has no mirrors in it. It’s also believed that if a malevolent Spirit gets caught in a mirror you can banish it by shattering the mirror.

Some of today’s Paranormal researchers have begun using what is known as the Devil’s Toy Box. This is a cube that has all 6 internal sides covered with mirrors. It’s said that the Spirit enters the box by one mirror but then gets confused and cannot exit the box so it remains trapped inside. With the addition of microphones to the box people have reported hearing growling, screeching and various other noises coming from inside. There is also, supposedly, a shack somewhere in Louisiana that someone has equipped a small room on it’s inside with mirrored walls, floor and ceiling effectively making a very large Toy Box. It’s said that no one has stayed over 5 minutes in this room, that the man who stayed in the longest came out a terrified mute and that the local Police shut the place down.

There are also (Black) Dark mirrors that have become something of interest. These are mirrors with a ¬†dark, shiny reflective surface that people are using to scry but many aren’t seeing what they hope to see. In many cases people are seeing the reflection of themselves aging 40 years or so and then their own corpse. I never found a story where a person came away with a positive vision.

Mirrors are an invaluable part of our day to day activities but what if there is more going on than we realize.

Have you ever gotten a chill when walking by a mirror?

Have you ever seen anything or had an experience with a mirror?

Let us hear your story.

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  1. Dave

    January 29, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Blue oyster cult , track. Mirrors comes to mind. :

    Mirrors a negative space with a frame.

  2. Alicia

    February 3, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I had an experience in my bathroom I had to mirror face each other, not knowing that not a good thing to do. Well I know now I have it on my phone I recorded what happen in the bathroom my light that was not working around my medicine cabinet turned on.i started asking the spirit who are you are you my nephew?? I asked a few questions and ask the spirit to blink the light to respond and it did. Later looking at the video I zoom in and looked at the mirror O Lord to my surprise I seen my 2 decesesd nephews faces as well as some scary and weird looking spirits around them and my two living nephews face in the mirror as well and on my other mirror was the face of Jesus with a stern look on his face looking towards what was in the other mirorr!!!
    Somebody help me I’m shock and scared I took the big mirror out my bathroom and blessed my wall with olive oil from church but now ive seen the face of 2 spirits on my bedroom wall exposing their face can only be seen looking through my bed room dress or mirror help what is going on?? Are my nephews trying to tell me something. One of my nephews just got murder last year and this happen 4 days before his court trail , where the young man who killed my nephew got aquited of all charges / stand your ground / they claim it was self defense. I think they was warning me to watch out for my 2 nephews or is it somehting else or is it not my newphews at all but bad spirits tricking me???

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