ParaDebate: Ghost Children and a Haunted Railroad Crossing in San Antonion, TX

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Trains and the tracks they ride have figured into a many a ghost story since their invention.  I’m not entirely sure why, but there is something mysterious and romantic about a huge locomotive barreling down the tracks, carrying who knows what or who to who knows where.  And so, the ghost stories abound of haunted train cars and ghostly conductors, and on one particular haunted railroad crossing in San Antonio, TX, of tragedy and determination.

The story is told in the area that back in the 1930s or 1940s, on a particularly rainy morning, a train was traveling through the area when the engineer spotted a school bus stalled on the tracks.  Try as he might, the wet tracks prohibited him from stopping short of the bus and the train barreled straight through, killing several children on impact.

But that’s only the beginning of our story.

Sometime after the incident, people began noticing that, if they parked their car in neutral on the tracks at this location, it would slowly begin to roll forward and move off the tracks to safety.  Moreover, many have reported hearing the sounds of children laughing and talking as their cars began to move.  The fact that you appear to be rolling uphill and the presence of small fingerprints on their cars afterward makes the phenomenon even more surreal.


Believers will tell you that the children simply do not want another tragedy like their own and if they have to move your car to prevent it, they will.  Some will even tell you that they have embraced it as a game.

However, as with everything in the field, there are critics, skeptics, and down right deniers, and while some of their denial seems to stem from simply wanting their area to be left alone, there are some hard facts that make investigators questions the experiences.

  1. There are no reports of any such accident ever having occurred.  This is a huge detail.  Even in the time period we’re discussing when the accident is said to have occurred, this would have been front page news, not only in San Antonio, but in the surrounding areas.  And yet, combing through the archives of news papers and looking through old police records, there are simply no mentions of such a terrible accident happening.
  2. After an official investigation at the request of local law enforcement, it was found that rather than an incline as it looks, there is actually a two degree decline from the tracks which would allow a motor vehicle parked in just the right location to roll forward and off the tracks.
  3. Police refute the claims of fingerprints saying that, even after a vehicle is washed, some fingerprints would remain ont he car and those discovered could have been in place for days.

Believers on the opposite end of the scale take a different stand, refuting each of the claims in turn.

  1. While it lands slightly on the side of conspiracy theory, many believe that local law enforcement have suppressed archival information about the accident occurring because the intersection has become a nuisance to the department and local residents.  People regularly show up at all hours of the day and night to park at the crossing in an attempt to experience the phenomenon, so it makes sense that law enforcement would suppress any information that would encourage people to keep pressing their luck on the train tracks.
  2. While there is a small decline coming from the tracks and a car could roll at such an angle, it is hardly a huge angle and more momentum would be needed to push the back tires of a vehicle over the train tracks and continue moving away from the intersection.
  3. As to the fingerprints, while some might be residual, many people have actually spread baby powder over their bumpers and trunk and while there were no finger prints before the car moved, there were definitely prints to be found in the powder afterward.

What’s most interesting to me about the hand and fingerprints are their placement.  Many seem to be just at the right level for a child and those that are higher on the vehicles seem to only be fingerprints where a child would strain to reach a higher point on the car.  In addition to the hand prints, many claim to have gotten pictures of the ghostly children themselves at the intersection.

Pictures of an alleged spirit at the train crossing.

Pictures of an alleged spirit at the train crossing.

As both sides continue to debate, the curious continue to flock to the site to test the tracks much to the chagrin of residents and law enforcement.  San Antonio is widely regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the state of Texas due to its history and involvement in the violent revolutions that took place there, and this is just one of its many mysteries.

Take a look at the videos below and tell us what you think about this interesting tale and the alleged ghosts that haunt this intersection.

From the believers:


And from the critics:


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