Paranormal Activity (Accidentally) Caught on Film!

As paranormal investigators, we know just how exhausting it can be trying to document proof of paranormal activity on video.  House and hours of combing through footage just to find an elusive three seconds of film that might be a sentient entity, or it might just be that someone in the crew moved their flashlight at just the right time to create an illusion.

So, it can be really disconcerting/exciting when someone catches activity completely by chance.  Check out the videos below for some of the coolest videos I’ve seen that were caught on film purely by mistake!

This first video compilation comes from the YouTube channel FactFaction.  Each video comes from CCTV surveillance in various business.  Take a look and decide for yourself just what you’re seeing.



This next video, also from FactFaction, features two videos that were taken when people were actually investigating, but the other three are, once again, completely accidental.  The last one on here is super creepy!



The next video is a compilation of still images put together by Fun5TV on YouTube.  Some of these are genuinely creepy, and a few are even funny.  Check them out!




This next video from the YouTube channel, Scary Videos, shows two young men walking down the stairs.  Pay close attention as one of them falls and appears to be attacked by a strange shadowed being.  Make sure you also check out more videos on the Scary Videos channel.  They have a great selection of genuinely creepy videos to keep you up at night.



Our final video was put together by Top Extract.  Is there anything creepier than a doll that moves on its own?  Take a look and decide for yourself!



That’s all for this round of paranormal activity caught accidentally on tape.  The videos are enough to make me think I just need to start setting up cameras in various locations just to see what happens!

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