Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera Volume III

From time to time, I like to dig into YouTube to find some of the more interesting videos claiming to have captured paranormal activity on camera in some way.  Some seem genuine; some are the definition of questionable, but they are all entertaining and often chilling.

I present all of the videos below for you to peruse with little to no commentary.  I’ll include the YouTube channel I pulled the video from, as many of them present these types of videos regularly.  Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!  And don’t forget to share your own favorites!

#1 MichaelDMagee

Many of you will have heard of the strange case of Michael D. Magee.  The young man claimed to experience intense paranormal activity in his homes (he moved several times and still continued to experience phenomena), and began posting videos on YouTube as he attempted to make contact with the entities.  Some have claimed hoax and others believe his experiences.  Take a look at the video below, a compilation of some of his most interesting experiences, and let us know what you think!

#2 Hidden Place

Hidden Place likes their background music, but that doesn’t distract from some of the videos in this compilation of supposed poltergeist activity!  Take a look!

#3 Extreme Trends

Extreme Trends channel covers a variety of topics.  This compilation involves Twitch streamers who have caught paranormal activity on camera while playing their favorite games.  Check it out!

#4 Our Mysterious World

There is just something creepy about paranormal activity that involves children especially babies.  Check out this compilation of videos including activity supposedly caught on baby monitors.

#5 The Eliot

While The Eliot was not the first to publish this video, it was one of many who jumped at the opportunity to share.  This is one creepy video and it made the rounds a few months back to almost every outlet that carried news of the paranormal.  The footage is a door slamming itself repeatedly in a morgue and it is some of the most compelling and creepy I’ve ever seen.


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