Paranormal America: The Most Haunted Place in Each of the Fifty States Part 2

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Welcome back for the second installment of the Paranormal America travelogue!

As we continue to travel each state and discuss the most famous haunting in each of the fifty states, we urge you to share your own stories in the comments or contact us and your story could be posted on our site for the whole community!

Hawaii–Hilton Hawaiian Village

Paranormal America

Nestled on beautiful Oahu, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has something that no other haunting has on this list.

No, it’s not the beaches and palm trees!

Staff and visitors at the resort repeatedly report seeing a beautiful woman walking among the resort grounds on her own.  She wears a beautiful red dress and is quite stunning.  While some maintain that she is the spirit of a young woman murdered at the hotel, there is another very fascinating theory.

The second group believes that this apparition is actually Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, fire, and lightning.  She is also the mythic creator of the Hawaiian islands.

There are a lot of places you can visit to experience ghosts, but very few hotels offer you the chance to catch a glimpse of a goddess!

Idaho–Frazier Hall

Paranormal America

Frazier Hall stands at Idaho State University and houses the speech and theater departments.

Students say that the building is haunted by a spirit named Alex, though no one seems to know exactly who Alex is.

Students and faculty have both caught glimpses of Alex over the years.  They also report phantom piano music, and the sounds of an audience in the auditoriums when they are completely empty.

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