Paranormal America: The Most Haunted Place in Each of the Fifty States Part 2

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Illinois–McPike Mansion

Paranormal America

Located in Alton, Illinois, the McPike Mansion has garnered attention since it was first built in 1869.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, but has stood derelict for many years.

As early as the 1940s, when the mansion was used as a boarding house, visitors reported hearing children running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night, though there were no children in the house.

Today, people report seeing faces in the windows as they pass by the old home.  Two distinct entities are said to reside there.

One, called Sarah is said to have been a former servant at the home.  She has been known to “hug” visitors in the house.  The second is Paul Laichinger, a former owner.  He has been seen wandering the grounds.

Indiana–Hannah House

Paranormal America

Located in Indianapolis, Hannah House was once a stop on the Underground Railroad.  And one fateful night, this lead to tragedy.

It seems a group of runaway slaves were together in the basement of the home, resting before making the next leg of their journey.  Sometime in the night, it is believed that one of them tipped over an oil lamp.  They were trapped and unable to escape, burning to death in the cellar.

Mr. Hannah knew the trouble they would be in if they went to the authorities, so he buried their ashes and bones beneath the house.

To this day, there are reports of moans, whispers, and dark shadows that move about the house.

Iowa–Villisca Ax Murder House

Paranormal America

On June 9, 1912, the Moore family and two visiting children were brutally murdered in the dead of night.  The murder weapon was an ax, but the murderer was never found.

No one lives in the home today, but it is open for investigation and for historic tours.  The home boasts an inordinate amount of activity.

People have reported vanishing blood on the walls, the sounds of children playing, cold spots, doors opening and closing on their own, and being pushed or pulled.

Kansas–Stull Cemetery

Paranormal America

A story like no other!  Outside the small community of Stull, Kansas, stands a crumbling church and an quiet, lonely cemetery.  But according to legend, this isn’t your typical resting place for the dead.

From the mid-1800s, Stull Cemetery has been rumored to be home to dark rituals and occult activity.  In fact, it seems that the community of Stull has been home to strange occurrences for two centuries.

Along a small road known as “The Devil’s Road” was the location where a local man “accidentally” set fire to his own son.  A tree said to be used in the hanging of witches stood in the center of the cemetery until it was struck by lightning.

OH, and there is one more thing.

A set of stairs is said to be somewhere near the old church.  They lead down into the ground.  Anyone who finds the stairs and walks down them will open a portal to hell.  More frightening than that (possibly) is that the stairs supposedly open twice per year so that the Devil can visit the grave of the witch with whom he fathered a child.

What is going on in Stull?!?

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