Paranormal America: The Most Haunted Place in Each of the Fifty States Part 3

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Minnesota–Griggs Mansion

Paranormal America

Built by a grocery tycoon named Chauncey Griggs in 1883, the mansion has supposedly been haunted for over a century.

It is said that a young maid was found hanging from the fourth floor hanging after her lover left her.  Her spirit is seen wandering the landing in the form of a white or gray mist.  Contact with the spirit is often accompanied by feelings of depression or dread.

The grounds are also said to be watched over by the mansions former gardener, Charles Wade.  It seems he just wants to make sure the grounds are taken care of properly.

MIssissippi–McRaven House

Paranormal America

The oldest home in Vicksburg, MIssissippi, McRaven House was initially built in the 1700s but there have been several add ons since then.

In the time since, five former residents have died on the property and it was once used as a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War.

Visitors to the home report sightings of soldiers in Confederate uniforms on the grounds.  They also report seeing a young woman sitting up in bed and crying.  This is believed to be Mary Elizabeth Howard, a former owner of the home who died in childbirth in the early 1800s.

Visitors also report that pictures taken inside the home have strange shadows or lights in them that cannot be explained.

MIssouri–Knob Noster

Paranormal America

Once upon a time, an old hermit lived up on top of Knob Noster. He wasn’t very nice and steered clear of people in general.  He had a young slave who ran errands for him and was well liked in the community.

One day, people began to comment that they had not seen the young man in quite some time and rumors of murder began to circulate through the town.  The rumors became even more pronounced once the old man began to show up in town from time to time himself.

One night, during a horrible thunderstorm, someone saw the light of lantern slowly moving upon the hill.  Quick as, well, lighting, a bolt came down from the sky and struck the very place where the lantern’s light shown.

The next day, the old hermit was found dead, his face frozen in fear.  The body of the slave was never found.

To this day, residents still see the ghostly light of the lantern on Knob Noster from time to time.

Montana–Old Prison Museum

Paranormal America

Once an actual prison, the establishment was active for over a hundred years.  Often overcrowded, the prison was a miserable place and several murders occurred on site.  There was also a huge riot in the late 1950s.

Now a museum, visitors often hear prison cell doors closing, seeing prisoners in the old abandoned cells, and in the solitary confinement chamber, people have been scratched, choked, and pushed during the tours.

Not exactly your normal vacation spot.

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