Paranormal America: The Most Haunted Place in Each of the Fifty States Part 5

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Well, readers, here we are.  We’ve reached the end of our Paranormal America travelogue.  We have only ten more states to go in this journey across the U.S.   I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it!

So, without further ado, let’s get going!

South Dakota–Bullock Hotel

Paranormal America

Erected between 1894 and 1896 in Deadwood, SD, Bullock Hotel was a marvel in its day.  In the last hundred years or so, it has been through multiple owners and many renovations.  It didn’t take long, however, for new owners and staff to notice that perhaps the original owner had never left.

To this day, Seth Bullock, the man himself still monitors the staff at the hotel.  Many have said that he sneaks up on them when they are on break, and most rush back to work if only to have other people around.  Visitors also report smelling tobacco smoke and hearing phantom piano music.

In South Dakota, this is paranormal central.

Tennessee–Wheatland Plantation

Paranormal America

Located just outside Sevierville, the Wheatland Plantation house is actually the second home to bear the name.  The first burned one Christmas taking the lives of four of the owners grandchildren in the flames.

In the time since its building, the land has seen over 70 murders and hundreds of tragedies.  Add to it a mass grave holding the bodies of Native Americans, African slaves, and Revolutionary war soldiers and you have the perfect set up for a haunting.

Witnesses have reported every kind of phenomena you can imagine from orbs to apparitions, and paranormal investigators have heard singing and chanting and even recorded the sounds.

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