My Paranormal Bucket List: The Locations I Must See Before I Die

Bucket lists.  We all have them, right?  Those locations that we must see or the things we must do before we die.  For many it’s skydiving or Paris or Rome or white water rafting or a host of other locations and activities that we’ve set aside that will make us feel our life has truly been lived.

Those places and things are all fine and good and I would love to tour Italy and see an opera on the same stage that was once graced by Maria Callas, but I have a much different bucket list.  The locations are all haunted or filled with mysterious paranormal artifacts.  That’s right.  Mine is a paranormal bucket list.  Take a look through mine and then tell me about yours!

#1  Stonehenge

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Since I was a child, I was fascinated by Stonehenge.  Something about that standing circle of stones calls to me.  They speak to my core and I can almost hear them call my name when I see pictures.  The mystery surrounding the great standing stones has endured for ages.  Some say it was used as a sort of calendar while others insist that it was a place of ritual and sacrifice.  Many claim it is both.  I have my own theories and I just feel like if I could step inside that circle, I’d get my answers.

#2 The Catacombs of Paris

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There are an estimated six million sets of human remains in the catacombs of Paris.  It is perhaps one of the largest monuments to the dead on the entire planet.  The idea enthralls me and raises my natural curiosity to an eleven.  What must the energy be like?  As a medium, how would it feel to be surrounded by six million human remains, not all of whom could possibly be at rest?  If you’ll excuse the pun, I’m dying to find out!

#3 The Winchester Mystery Mansion

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So many stories surround the Winchester Mystery Mansion.  It’s the kind of tale where the truth might actually be stranger than fiction.  Sarah Winchester, according to legend, built the home after a medium explained to her that the souls of those killed by the rifle her husband had created would haunt her the rest of her days.  The massive structure grew to almost two hundred rooms and a host of traps and misleading stairways, doors that open onto a two story drop, and any other way Mrs. Winchester could dream up to keep the spirits occupied.  The Mansion has been the inspiration for numerous films and Helen Mirren will appear in a film later this year as Sarah Winchester herself!

#4 The Warren Occult Museum

I have long been fascinated by the life and times of Ed and Lorraine Warren.  The famous investigators’ names are synonymous with the paranormal, and they undeniably shaped the way we investigate today.  Though the Warrens have been the subject of much scrutiny, there are still many who hold them as the gold standard.  After all, they were talking about the paranormal when very few in this country were.  The Warrens collected a host of haunted/dark artifacts over the years and started their own museum which I would love to visit if for nothing else than to stand in front of the real Annabelle doll, if only for a few moments.

#5 Isla de la Munecas (Island of the Dolls)

Dolls are creepy.  Let’s just get that out of the way to begin with.  So imagine an island where hundreds of terrifying dolls hang from trees.  According to legend a young girl drowned near the island and the man who found her took her doll and hung it from a tree in remembrance of her.  Soon after, he began to add more dolls and others took up the cause as well.  Today, the dolls and various doll parts adorn a host of trees on the island.  It’s said that at night they move their arms and legs, open their eyes, and strange voices emanate from them.  This one’s high on the creep factor but I want to see it so badly!

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