Paranormal Investigating From The Eyes Of A Psychic


Paranormal investigating is usually portrayed as a science based profession. In my line of duty, it is  far from that. While I do rely on a simple hand held recorder and my camera, I rely most on my mediumship and instincts to guide me through an investigation. I am a practicing witch, and do not hide that fact on an investigation. Sound scary? It’s not, in fact I feel there are a lot of us out there in this field that are given these abilities, and just don’t realize it.

Why do I call myself a psychic, and why do I tie it in with paranormal investigating?  These are both good questions, and hopefully I can give you a better understanding of both from this article. Some investigators out there rely on scientific methods as mentioned above, but to me science hasn’t been able to prove one way or another ghosts, spirits, portals, things that are not of this world actually exist. I used to be one of those total skeptics, even though I had witnessed things as a child. Let me tell you a true story backed with some pictures.

As a child, we have gigantic imaginations. It is only as we grow older that we are programmed by school and media to learn everyone else’s idea of what we should be thinking, how we should be acting, and what we should say or not say. We set aside our imaginations and adopt the “adult hood” mind frame. With full time jobs, parenting, and paying bills on our mind, our imagination seems to become non existent.

If someone were to ask me 6 years ago what I believed as far as the paranormal or supernatural, you would have seen my face go blank. I would have put aside the fact that when I was 13, I witnessed a hairbrush come out of our bathroom, travel down the hall, and hit my sister in the back of the head. I wouldn’t have remembered waking up to the screaming of my stepfather being beat in the chest in the middle of the night, or seeing the bruises the next day. Or even the day my sisters ex boyfriend (who I had a crush on at the time) died and I knew it in school before I got home to hear the news. What a present for my 14th birthday!

Yes, I would have told you there is no such thing as ghosts,  because that’s what my grown up self was told.

Fast forward to 2013. Here I am, getting ready to go meet Stephen King in Boston. A dream come true for a small town woman like me! I got to speak with him, and walked away with a signed book. The next day, my husband and I set off for Salem, Massachusetts. What a time we had! It was one magical day that turned my life around, back to where it had started. It was there I realized my gifts.

We had decided we were going to go visit a cemetery that night in Salem, so my first paranormal investigation was underway! We were in there taking pictures, not really knowing what we should have been doing, when my husband spotted a dog in the cemetery. We watched this huge beast thing weaving through the headstones in a very irregular fashion, and it was coming straight at us. I managed to get 4 pictures of this beast, before we took off running. The beastly dog had come within 30 feet of us. That was scary!

We did go back an hour later, but no sign of this black/grey dog thing with glowing red eyes. Does he exist? I have it in pictures. I have been told what I seen was a Hell Hound. Do I believe that? No, because I’m still alive, and I’m telling my tale! That set my course for how my life would change after that. Everything came rushing back to me that had been forgotten. I knew back then about those gifts and the paranormal, but chose to tuck it away instead of seeing what was really out there. Note: This is the first time I’ve ever shown these photos to the public. They are not even posted on my own paranormal page. Please look closely because the images are from a very foggy cemetery at night. I felt they needed their story told with them. This is that story.

Since then I’ve been to many places, and seen many things that cannot be explained by science or any other term but supernatural. Many people have been helped by psychics, or mediums as some would prefer to be called. Some people still do not recognize the paranormal when they come across such things as what happened with me when I was younger. My channeling comes through Ouija boards, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, and pendulums. I use my gifts to contact spirits, as well as see them. My husband calls me a magnet for the paranormal.

For whatever reason, the ability to walk in between our world and the paranormal world is a way of life now. I feel a spirit needs to feel you, as well as you feeling their presence. I have a love so deep for the paranormal, and can never picture myself not being a part of it ever again. Their world is much like ours but set at a different speed, one that we’ve just let go of, and took off in the future without it.

I’ve chosen to grasp my psychic abilities, and to tie them up in the field of paranormal investigating because it not only gives me concrete evidence, it gives people out there a chance to see my story and maybe take a look at their inner child. My hope is that one day science will be able to see, and not only hear  some of the wonderful things that are out there in this world and beyond!

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