Paranormal Skeptics: A Guide to Dealing with Critics of Your Work

Skeptics.  They are everywhere.  They do not believe in the paranormal.  And some of them are willing to make your life miserable because you do.

As a medium, I’ve been asked many times, by friends, how I deal with skeptics?

My first response is generally something like, “very thick skin”, but really it takes more than that.  If you’re going to be seriously involved in paranormal investigation, skeptics are going to be a part of your life and how you deal with them will say as much about you as it will about them.

With that in mind, here are few pointers for dealing with paranormal skeptics.

Confidence is king…

paranormal skeptics


You know the quality work you’ve done.  You know the evidence you’ve gathered, and moreover, what that evidence means.  You have things you can present to the skeptics to make your case.  Some of that evidence is nearly impossible to contradict.  Present your work, and show them what you have documented as proof.  You’d be surprised how far a few good photos and videos will go with the general public, especially when they know you’re not a professional filmmaker/photographer.

…but don’t be a jerk about it!

paranormal skeptics

There’s a fine line between being confident and being a dismissive jerk.  These skeptics have as much right to their doubts as you have to your beliefs.  Calling someone an idiot or accusing them of denying the facts is going to get you nowhere.  It’s the equivalent of trying to end what could be an intelligent argument with “Come at me, bro.”

A sense of humor can be your best friend.

paranormal skeptics


Learn to laugh.  More importantly, learn to laugh at yourself.  You realize that we run around researching and investigating locations that are supposedly filled with ghosts, poltergeists, and other spiritual entities and beings, right?  If you can’t acknowledge the humorous side of what we do, you’ll end up losing your joy when you find a great piece of evidence or have a really substantial encounter.  Obsession can kill an investigators work.  So lighten up a little.  Otherwise, when a skeptic makes a “Casper” joke, you end up yelling your head off and looking like a lunatic.  Laughter, paranormal investigators, can be a life saver.

Invite them on an investigation with you.

paranormal skeptics

Hey, it can’t hurt, right?  I find that people are much more likely to believe in the paranormal when they are confronted with it face to face.  After all, that’s why many get into paranormal research to begin with.  We experienced something we couldn’t explain and we wanted to know more.  A side note, don’t try to scare them.  People’s reactions to fear can get violent quickly.  If they have a real experience, great, but don’t intentionally set up a scare to get back at them for their disbelief.

Remember that almost every great discovery in our history was subjected to intense scrutiny and skepticism before being accepted as fact.

paranormal skeptics

Galileo. Tesla.  Pasteur.  They are revered inventors and scientists.  And they were all mocked in their time.  Some even faced death sentences.  Later they were vindicated, and some are considered the fathers of their fields.  Learn from their example and keep doing what you’re doing.

Remember that thick skin I mentioned?  Invest in one.

paranormal skeptics

People will mock you.  Skeptics will call you crazy.  They will doubt you and push you, and sometimes it’s just to get a rise out of you.  Learn when to let it go.  Sometimes the best argument you can make for yourself is to walk away and not acknowledge their ignorance.

Understand that some of them will walk away as skeptics.


You’re not going to convince every one of them.  You just aren’t.  Some of them hold onto their disbelief as strongly as you hold onto your beliefs.  On the other hand, they didn’t shake your beliefs either.

Be gracious when they admit you might be onto something.


The only thing worse than a sore loser is a bad winner.  You’ve gotten them to open up and look at your side of the argument.  They’ve found some things that make sense to them.  Continue the dialogue, now.  Keep talking.  Keep the conversation going.

Above and beyond all this, remember that you are on a journey.  You’re using your time on this planet to discover parts of the hidden world.  That’s not only awesome, but also admirable.

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