Why We Do What We Do: Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator

We are brought into this life believing that ghosts, cryptids, extra terrestrials,and monsters don’t exist.

A small child that goes rushing to their parents in the middle of the night is sent back to bed after a little reassurance and a glass of water to wait for the thing to come back out of the closet, or knock again ever so quietly on the window once more. The hunter who’s seen a Sasquatch barreling through the forest is scoffed at when he heads back into town to tell his tale. Young lovers out sharing a quiet moment in an undisclosed location tell their  friends about seeing a UFO, only to be laughed at.

If you speak of these scenarios, you’ll be ridiculed. Ridicule keeps people from being open about what they’ve seen. That’s where we the believers kick in and try to prove these things do exist. This article is a look at why we do what we do. This is a paranormal investigators confession. Sit with me for a short spell, and maybe you’ll understand why we pursue what scares other people

The scoffing and the ridicule we receive is tossed over our shoulder like salt when it’s spilled. This ridicule comes from someone not having witnessed anything strange, and still “plugged in” to the system. This means that a person goes by a “trained” mind…kind of like in the movie The Matrix.

That movie was so full of truth on so many levels. People are quick to dismiss things they can’t see or feel first hand. Minds are programmed to believe if you can’t see or feel something, it doesn’t exist. Things that are beyond comprehension don’t exist. Some people really believe that we are the ONLY inhabitants of this galaxy. Are we that selfish to believe that? I believe there are more people out there that do believe but don’t want to stand out

For every 20 people that scoff at us, there’s always that one person who believes. That one person is the reason we load what equipment we use, and go head first into a situation we can’t control. One that could prove to be dangerous to us or the person that brought us there. We want to help, but we also want to show that things outside of our belief system are present. My mind has always been open. I believe that anything is possible, and there’s more walking with us than we can fathom.  We take this very seriously, as we do each person that comes to us. We are there to reassure, help, and prove not only for that person, but for you as well.

That obsession that could take over a body when trying to contact a spirit? It’s risky, but that’s all part of the hunt. The thrill of seeing, hearing, and knowing you’re not alone is part of why we do these things. That one time someone is poked in the back by an unseen figure. How about being run out of a cemetery by a large black dog with red eyes? The unseen person that whispers your name. To see the unseen requires belief. Just as a religion requires belief, so does the unexplained. Belief in what you can’t see is a large step, but necessary to witness the unusual in this world. If you don’t expect to see a sasquatch in the woods, you won’t see it because you’re not ready to. That also doesn’t mean you’ll see one every time you’re out!

We are the one group of people that are here to believe the unbelievable. We are in this to give the unseen a voice to tell you they’re always with us, and want to be known. We’re not like Ghostbusters. We voluntarily spend long hours in the cold, in excessive heat, and sometimes unsanitary and unsafe conditions to offer proof of existence. We may never see or witness a thing during an investigation, that’s the downside. Taking hundreds of pictures and hours of video and EVP, yet never see or hear a single thing makes that one time we do see or hear something all worth it!

For those of you that think we only look for ghosts, think again. We look into every unknown aspect that may be out there. The Under Dogs of the Unknown. Sadly, one thing I’ve not witnessed is an alien. I don’t know what one truly looks like. Maybe they look just like us, who knows? Your neighbor could even be one. Think about that for awhile, and I’ll continue to go over my evidence.




  1. Pamela V

    May 3, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    Splendid writing.
    I believe that sometimes when we think we are investigating the past we are tapping into the future.PURE PHYSICS

    • Serena Futch

      May 3, 2017 at 3:40 pm

      Thanks Pamela. I appreciate the feedback, and you may have a point to that theory

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