Psychokinesis: When Psychic Gifts Come on with a Bang

Psychokinesis:  The ability to move or influence physical objects using only the power of the mind.

For a lot of you, an image of Carrie at the prom just ran through your head, right?  It’s a great film and an even better book, but it is very different than the reality for most people with this particular psychic ability.

In the beginning, it’s all instinct with Carrie.  She gets upset and things…happen.  But then she goes to the library, reads a book or two and suddenly she’s in control.  Levitating objects at will, slamming every window in the house, and taking some control back from her crazy mother.  I know a couple of people right now who wish it was that easy, and I’m going to tell you about one of these interestingly gifted women today.

I have a friend, we’ll call her Tara.  She’s a bright, funny, and talented lady who I met after I reviewed a book series written by a mutual acquaintance over at  When you’re feeling down on Facebook, Tara is always there with a quick comment to get you smiling.

Just recently, Tara posted the following on Facebook:

“Holy smokes…what’s up with this? I reached into a cabinet and TOUCHED a glass. It EXPLODED into my face. Not cracked. Not broke. Not even smashed. It exploded like a firecracker had gone off inside it. Hundreds of chunks, shards, and splinters blasted into my face like razor-sharp buckshot. The damage? 1 minor cut on the back of my ring finger( that was actually touching the thing when it blew up.)”


Naturally, because of the internet, everyone’s an expert on what could have happened, and many of the suggestions were completely plausible.  The the glass was worn from years of washing; she might have had porcelain dust on her fingertips which reacts violently with glass.  But something was setting off my Spidey senses, and I decided to have a chat with Tara.

Over the course of the afternoon, we established a couple of  things.

  1. Tara is going through a tough time right now.  Her beloved dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma and his time is short.  She described it as watching a little piece of her decline every time she noticed his decline.
  2. Electricity acts funny around Tara.  For example, she flies through light bulbs.  They just seem to burn out at an unusually rapid rate.  She also has a touch lamp that seems to have a mind of its own when she’s around.
  3. Tara has had isolated incidents like this happen repeatedly throughout her life including once when she was a teenager when a decorative spoon lifted from a shelf, flew three feet across the room, and landed at her feet.  Another time, while she was at a friend’s home, a glass pane in a china cabinet door flew from its place and shattered.  Tara was very close to the door and it just about scared her to death.  The list went on and on.

The more Tara and I talked, the more it all began to add up in my mind.  My friend Tara has psychokinetic (PK for short) abilities and she’d never put it together because the big incidents literally happen years apart, and the little things seemed more like annoyances than actual incidents.

However, for someone on the outside looking in, someone who has studied these subjects my entire life, Tara could have been a textbook for what we know about most people who have PK abilities.

Those who find themselves in possession of these abilities are likely to manifest them during times of great stress and emotional upheaval.  Remember back in school when you studied about the tectonic plates and how they rub together?  The pressure builds along fault lines and when it releases it causes tremors or earthquakes.  For a lot of people with PK abilities, the same thing occurs.  The energy is there all the time, but when the psychic pressure builds due to external or internal stressors, so does the energy.  When the body cannot hold anymore of this energy it is released and interacts with the environment.  Objects move, doors slam, or glasses shatter.

In the meantime, the down times, the abilities are still there and that’s when we see the little, seemingly insignificant incidents.  PK energy is interacting with the environment drawing upon or amplifying energies around them.  I was once on an investigation in a home where, as we soon found out, there were no ghosts, but there was a teenage girl with down syndrome who happened to be gifted.  Her mother complained of constantly having to replace light bulbs, the television switching channels or turning on or off on its own, and toilets flushing of their own accord.  The poor girl was going through puberty and her body and PK abilities were both running wild.

In this second case, things had progressed to the point that an actual poltergeist had been created.  These poltergeists are made up of that released energy.  Once it is established it can move around on its own and though not sentient, can certainly create its own mischief.  It continues to feed on this energy being released and any other negative energies in a location.  If left unchecked the poltergeist can grow into a full blown PK manifestation.

So, what can you do if you discover these abilities?

Well, the first thing I recommend is getting some exercise.  You’ve got a body full of energy looking for an outlet.  Walk, run, do yoga.  Find a way of  releasing that energy as often as possible.

Meditate.  I recommend meditation for a variety of things but it is especially helpful in PK situations.  Soothing and calming that excess energy is a boon in these situations.

Now this next one is not easy, but it is a possibility and is a path that some do choose:  Learn to ACTIVELY control it.

Up until now, we have discussed PK abilities as passive or reactionary.  However, they can be controlled.  It takes work.  You have to commit to it and really get to know the way that it works, but it can be done, but the first two steps of exercise and meditation will be helpful in this process, so there’s no note to get you out of PE on this.

I have chatted with Tara about her new found abilities and given her advice on how to deal with them.  This is something I’ll be following and I’m sure I’ll write about again.  The most important thing to remember is this:  If you manifest these abilities, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  You have an enviable talent that can literally change the world around you.  Learn about it, master it, and we just might be writing about you right here on someday.

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